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Summer 2022 is almost upon us, bringing opportunities for long overdue gatherings, relaxing meals and catch ups with friends and family. In recognition of their products which are enjoyed by the Royal households, Luscombe were awarded a Royal Warrant in 2021 for their perfect for summer, award-winning artisan drinks.

Whether it’s a picnic at the beach, barbecue with friends or sunset suppers in the garden, Luscombe’s
range of soft drinks, juices, crushes, ginger beers, bubblies and tonics are the very essence of summer
and all available from luscombe.co.uk.

With an exciting royal celebration to toast this summer, Luscombe’s Wild Elderflower Bubbly is the
perfect drink to kick off the festivities. Elderflowers are expertly combined with Dartmoor spring water,
organic raw cane sugar and a twist of organic Sicilian lemon juice. The gentle sparkle lifts the floral notes
for an elegant taste which is versatile enough to go equally well with sweet or savoury foods. A picnic
must have, it’s particularly good with nibbles such as mini quiches or add frozen berries and a twist of
lemon for a refreshing summer punch. Available in a box of 12 x 27cl bottles for £21.30 or in sharing
bottles, 6 x 74cl for £22.00.

To prepare for trips abroad over the summer, Luscombe’s organic Sicilian Lemonade will ease you into
a holiday mindset. Intensely flavoured, this traditional still lemonade is packed with the finest Sicilian
lemons rounded off with an indulgent splash of Madagascan vanilla. Delightful served with Mediterranean
dishes such as pasta with roasted tomatoes and grilled garlic chicken, it’s ideal for summer dining.
Alternatively, a sprig of an earthy herb adds a savoury twist to this zingy and flavour-packed traditional
lemonade. Available in a box of 12 x 27cl bottles £21.30 or a sharing box, 6 x 74cl bottles, £22.00.
The epitome of summer, Luscombe’s organic Raspberry Crush is bursting with sweet and succulent
raspberries. Vibrant and fruity, this crush, which is also available in a large sharing bottle, is the perfect
substitute for rosé. Pair with soft cheeses such as brie and game terrines at sunset gatherings or muddle
with basil and plenty of crushed ice for a fragrant twist. Available in a box of 12 x 27cl bottles, £21.30 or
in sharing bottles, 6 x 74cl for £22.00.

Last but certainly not least, why not taste Luscombe’s organic Rhubarb Crush which boasts a fresh and
bright flavour profile, the tartness of rhubarb tempered by the soft sweetness of vanilla. A subtle and
enchanting soft pink, gently sparkling Rhubarb Crush combines organic rhubarb juice with organic
blueberry juice, organic Madagascan vanilla extract and organic lemon oil. Available in a box of 12 x 27cl
bottles, £21.30.

Luscombe has been producing beautifully crafted drinks on a farm in Devon since 1975. The range now
includes organic fruit juices, crushes, bubblies, tonic waters and mixers plus a traditional organic Devon
cider. Founder and owner, Gabriel David, has become renowned for his pursuit of perfection and no
compromise approach to creating an elegant and multi award-winning range of drinks that use the very
finest organic ingredients and Dartmoor spring water.

For further information on Luscombe please visit www.luscombe.co.uk, email  info@luscombe.co.uk or
call 01364 643036.  Follow Luscombe on Twitter: @luscombedrinks, Instagram: luscombedrinks or ‘Like’
on Facebook.

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