Boost Your Event Engagement With These Instagram Ideas


Finding out how to reach your target audience is the first step in successful event marketing. Before you get on with the preparations, it is crucial to understand the channel where they are most active and like spending time.

Instagram is the ideal platform for most event planners to contact their target demographic. With an estimated 1 billion monthly active Instagram users, you’ll definitely be able to reach a wide audience if you put in the effort to create amazing posts.

Having said that, marketing an event on Instagram to engage your audience is more complicated than simply uploading a few photographs here and there. It requires a plan, expertise, and just the right amount of creativity to do it well. To assist you to make the most of the chance, we have compiled a list of strategies for expanding your event engagement using Instagram.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

A Few Instagram Tips To Enhance Your Audience’s Engagement During Events

Use Instagram Stories To Your Advantage

Instagram Stories are the best approach to advertise what’s occurring on each event day. Create engaging stories to showcase your upcoming activities during the event to get them enthusiastic about a certain activity.

You may also guarantee that your exhibitors are taken care of by promoting their food, products, or other activities to all of your followers via an Instagram Story. As a result, you can ensure that your event is a success for them as well.

Share exclusive behind-the-scenes footage

People like seeing what it takes to put on a successful event. Through your story, provide highly engaging stuff, such as special behind-the-scenes interviews with performers or previews about a surprise performance.

Whatever you post should entice your followers to share your story with their friends and family. Doing so would help in word-of-mouth marketing and also keep your audience hooked throughout the event.

Include an Instagram Wall during the event

One of the best ways to make your events engaging is to include an Instagram wall during the event. Clueless about what that is?

An Instagram wall is a collection of Instagram feeds that is collected from various sources like hashtags, usernames, etc. The content is then curated as per the liking and preference of the users. It is a well-customized feed that has the potential to keep the viewers engaged and attracted to it for a long time.

Undeniably, people love scrolling through their Instagram feed, and displaying an best Instagram wall would make them delighted and engaged at the same time. For generating content from your audience, you can motivate your audience to create and post content on their Instagram handle. The content can be in the form of videos, pictures, boomerangs, etc.

You can further aggregate the content using a tool like Taggbox Display and showcase it during the event. Your attendees will be surprised to see their featured content, leading to more engagement and participation from the audience.

Try Instagram Takeover

If you are not sure what an Instagram takeover is, it is when you allow a special guest to log into

your Instagram account and take charge of your Instagram profile for some time.

If you are inviting over a special guest or speaker for the event, you can ask them to communicate with your audience through your account. It can be through posts, reels, stories, or even live sessions. They can have a one-to-one conversation with your potential audiences and make them look forward to the event.

Apart from this, they will automatically be more engaged till the end of the event due to increased excitement.

Quick tip – Make sure that you are inviting someone who already has a decent following on Instagram. This would amplify the reach of your event and double up the excitement of your audience!

Instagram Giveaways To The Rescue!

Make use of your Instagram followers to influence the algorithms in your favor. Instagram games and giveaways are the best methods to do this. Plan a series of exciting giveaways and competitions to run in the weeks preceding up to your event to increase Instagram engagement, which will help you publicize your event and generate more revenue.

It’s critical to write guidelines for each of your contest or giveaway postings when you start arranging your competitions. To avoid any problems, make sure your competitions are not too complex. To excite your audience more, you can reveal the prizes and also promise shoutouts during the event, which would push more people to participate.

Key Takeaways

It’s time to start planning your event now that you have a basic idea of how to properly advertise your event using Instagram to boost the engagement of your audience.

Remember these pointers and you will certainly be surprised at your audience’s participation till the end of your event!

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