Everything You Must Know about Area Conversion Calculator


What is an Area Conversion Calculator?

An area conversion calculator is a modern online tool that lets you convert the unit of measurement of an area. The land area converter can be used to transform between different units of measurement, such as Square meter, Square feet, Square yard, Acres, Hectares, etc. 

Common Conversion Units for Land Area Converter in India

Across India, different types of units of measurement are used. In case you wish to find a unit value equivalent to the local term, the easiest and fastest way would be using an area conversion calculator. Here is a look at the most common units:

1. Square Feet

Commonly denoted by Sq.ft. or ft², Square feet is the area of a square each side of which measures 1 foot. Besides India, several other countries prefer using this unit of measurement for plots of land. 

2. Square Meter

A square meter refers to a unit of measurement used worldwide to ascertain two-dimensional areas, like the floor or ground, and is acknowledged widely as the standard international unit of measuring an area. It is denoted by m². 

3. Square Yards

Square yard (yd²) is defined as an area of a square each side of which measures 3 feet (1 yard). Earlier this used to be the standard unit of measurement before being replaced by Square meter. However, in some parts of the world, like in India (as gaj), United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, it is still being used. 

4. Hectare

Hectare (denoted by ‘ha’) is defined as a unit of a square with each side measuring 100 meters. It is the only metric unit and is primarily used to measure huge geographical areas and land, like agricultural fields, forests etc. 

4. Acre

The oldest unit of measurement across the world, Acres (denoted by ‘ac’) was originally used in the imperial system of units. An acre can also be defined as an area that is 1 furlong long and 4 rods wide. It is used to measure lands of different shapes – circular, rectangular, pentagon, and so on. 

5. Bigha

Bigha is one of the most traditional units of measurement used in India, particularly in states like West Bengal, Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal pradesh, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, and Jharkhand. However, the value differs from one state to another. Pakka or pucca bigha is commonly used in Rajasthan and parts of Bihar, UP, and Uttarakhand while kachcha or kucca bigha is primarily used by landlords. 

Land Area Converter Units Commonly Used in India 

Units of AreaConversion Unit
1 Sq.m. (Square meter)10.76391042 Sq.ft. (Square feet)
1 Sq.in. (Square inch)0.0069444 Sq.ft. (Square feet)
1 Sq.ft. (Square foot)0.092303 Sq.m. (Square meter)
1 Sq.km. (Square kilometer)247.10 ac (Acres)
1 Sq.yd. (Square yard)0.836127 Sq.m. (Square meter)
1 Bigha2990 Sq.yd. (Square yards)
1 ac (Acres)4886.92 Gaj
1 ha (Hectares)2.49 ac (Acres)
1 Sq.mi. (Square mile)640 ac (Acres) 

By memorizing the above table, you can get the exact value of a conversion unit without having to calculate the same. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to use an area conversion calculator to ensure 100% accurate results in case you fail to memorize the values or need to get an estimate of a value higher than the one mentioned in the table above. 

For example:

If 1 Sq.km. = 247.10 Acres, then 

3 Sq.km. = (3 x 247.10) Acres = 741.3 AcresWith a calculator in place, you can rest assured that the obtained value is free of errors. Moreover, because it is an online tool, you can access it anytime from anywhere as per convenience.

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