How JD Health Is Supporting Morocco


JD Health, a healthcare-focused e-commerce platform, sells pharmaceutical products and provides online consulting services.

In the period after the recent earthquake, in Al Haouz province, Morocco, JD Health mobilized its resources to support earthquake relief efforts in Morocco.

This included sending a JD Health doctor and vital medical supplies.

The shipment included essential supplies like:

  • Surgical dressings.
  • Waterproof dressings.
  • Non-woven bandages.
  • Sterile disinfectant swabs.
  • Iodine swabs.
  • Adhesive tapes.
  • N95 masks.

JD Health continues to coordinate further deliveries of crucial medical supplies to support the earthquake relief mission in Morocco.

JD Health’s History of Humanitarian Work

JD Health employs a full time team of qualified doctors who offer consulting services to customers.

The doctors also lend their expertise to humanitarian efforts when needed in China and other countries

After the devastating floods in Shanxi and Henan in 2021, the JD Health team delivered vital on-site medical assistance. The team also coordinated the contribution of crucial pharmaceutical and disinfection supplies.

In response to a severe earthquake in West Asia earlier this year, JD Health rapidly mobilized resources to provide essential aid to relief efforts in the area.

In August 2023, JD Health dispatched doctors to Zhuozhou in Hebei, a northern Chinese province near Beijing. A recent typhoon has led to serious flooding and persistent heavy rainfall in the province. Discover more JD Health news.

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