Crafty Easter Activities to Bring the Family Together


Easter is here and many families will be looking to entertain their children whilst also spending quality time as a family. But is there anything other than chocolate eggs that will keep your children entertained this Easter?

There are plenty of fun things to do that will be enjoyable for everyone in the family over the Easter break. Here, we explore just some of the activities that you can choose from to keep the kids entertained.

Matching bunny party hats

Festivities tend to be more exciting for children than adults, perhaps from the high sugar consumption in their treats, but also the holiday mascots. In this case, it’s the Easter Bunny. Get the kids into the festive spirit by helping them to create some bunny party hats. Choose a variety of coloured papers to transform into a cone, not forgetting some wire or pipe cleaners for whiskers and ears – you can also add some googly eyes for some extra artistic flair. Not only does it make for an exciting activity to spend some quality time together, but it also gives you a festive accessory to wear on the day – and is certain to add some more fun to your photos.

Easter egg wreaths to decorate your door

The Easter bunny will be sure to spot your home with some colourful décor on your door. So if you create an egg wreath with your family, you’ll be sure to receive some goodies on Easter Sunday. Ensure you’ve got your craft eggs and some paint to decorate however you desire. And of course, you need a base and some glue; you can use a foam wreath, or even some wire if you have any remaining from creating your bunny party hat to make the most out of your resources. Don’t forget to add your ribbon too – not only will it hold your wreath in place, but it will enhance your Easter decoration.

Mug painting to commemorate the occasion

Why not create something that will last for many Easters to come? Use a range of mugs and get your brightest paints out to create an Easter-themed mug with your children – you could even host a competition where the winner is awarded an extra chocolate Easter egg. And you can always finish off the day cosying up on the sofa and enjoying a hot chocolate. After all, it’s a day to indulge – so your children shouldn’t be the only ones having a treat!

Making simple additions to your home

There are no limits as to how over-the-top your home’s decorations can be on Easter. But if you want to keep it simple, you can always make some bunting to place around the house as one of your family tasks. Cut some paper into the shape of eggs and bunnies, but here’s a tip: draw a stencil first to ensure that all your shapes are consistent. You can even add some pompoms or paint some patterns for an extra touch. It’s as easy as gluing your shapes to a piece of string and you’re good to go.

Create an Easter egg tree

A festive tree isn’t just for Christmas – you can always have one at Easter, too. If your home is already decorated with some blooming branches placed in a vase, then you’re already halfway there. If not, you can always grab a few from your garden (or it can be a hunt for your kids to see who gathers the most in the shortest amount of time). If you’ve decorated some eggs together but you’re not quite sure what to do with them, an Easter egg tree is your answer. Simply glue some ribbon to the top of your egg to hang on the branches and, voila, you’ve created an extra decoration for the house. In fact, you can even use it as a table centrepiece if you’re hosting an Easter dinner.

Flaunt your baking skills

If baking is one of your hobbies, then you could always bake for the occasion – and what dessert is better suited to Easter than carrot cake? And it’s no doubt the kids will be keen to take part when there’s more sugar involved. Plus, once the baking is done, everyone can have fun decorating the cake – so be sure to get some carrot sugar toppings, or even make them yourself with some orange and green food colouring.

It might seem tricky to plan some tasks that everyone can enjoy. But it’s simpler than you think – and the festive period is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your children, so perhaps one of these activities will be the perfect way for your family to come together.

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