Charlie Cox Will Return To Incarnate Daredevil In The Marvel Universe


Of the irregular batch of Netflix productions with Marvel characters , undoubtedly one of the most popular was Daredevil , canceled after its third season (2015-2018). Much of that appreciation sprouted for the work of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock , so much so that fans would love to see the actor again as the blind lawyer and superhero. Kevin Feige , head of Marvel Studios, has given them a joy, since he has confirmed that, if projects arise that involve man without fear, he will be played by Cox .

“If you saw Daredevil in the next few things, Charlie Cox, yeah, he would be the actor who plays Daredevil. Where, how and when we see that remains to be seen , ”Feige told Cinemablend . As can be seen, the president of the company has not given great details, although the fact that he has made it official that they have Cox is already a great starting point for fans.

It so happens that the hypothesis of the return of Cox in the iconic role has resurfaced strongly in the framework of the multiple rumors around Spider-Man No Way Home , a theory that is by no means ruled out even though it is not appear in both trailers released to date. In this sense, those who already know / intuit that, for marvelita’s enjoyment, it is more than likely that they are there either.

It is also said that Daredevil would be a great fit in series like the recently released Hawkeye and the future She-Hulk . Likewise, there has been talk that Disney + could host a new production dedicated to the beloved character with Cox at the helm.

The incarnation of Charlie Cox , who before Matt Murdock was primarily known for his work on the vindicable Stardust , a fantasy film by Matthew Vaughn, effectively made the Daredevil film with Ben Affleck (Mark Steven Johnson, 2003), a reflection of the singularities of the beginnings of the theme in cinema.

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