Cycling Poet Releases Song of the Severn, A Collection Of Poems Inspired By His Cycling Experiences.


Shropshire based writer, author and poet Keith Jepson loves spinning words together about Shropshire, alongside his day job as Creative Director of Max Bikes PR Ltd, a sports marketing and PR consultancy.

He also has a cycle courier business and can often be seen on his ebike, cargo bike or single speed making deliveries across Shrewsbury. Inspiration often comes to him in the saddle! Keith rides every day for work, commuting and leisure and says that you get a hugely different perspective on life when cycling, it’s this view of life and the sights he has seen, which you never get “sat in a car”, that have inspired this book.

His poems deal with subjects ranging from Shropshire to the loss of sight in his left eye, Covid, Province and much more.

He is delighted to publish his new poetry book A Song of the Severn, a collection of poems about the people, places and experiences in his life from recent years.

Keith says: “Poetry writing is cathartic and fun. I ride bicycles a great deal in our wonderful country which is perfect for inspiration. It’s great to have a “voice” as a release and a creative outlet.

“Poetry has always been a release for me and is an excellent way of creatively recording the events of ones life. The poems cover everything from the amazing Shropshire landscape to the death of my father and the loss of vision in my left eye. It’s not all dark though…the book is also intended to be a celebration of the people, sights and places of Shropshire and beyond.”

Robert Barratt Publishing, the publisher of the internationally renowned magazine The Poet, has guided Keith through the self publishing process on Amazon, which Keith says is an excellent way to initially bring a book to market and he hopes it will find its way into local bookshops too!

Memory Prompts – Keith Jepson

The trinkets we keep, invested with memory.

Thoughts, wonderfully wild and incoherent.

Like a ghost horse, running across the sky,

Setting our monuments in the stars.

Keith has this advice for anyone wanting to get started: “Be determined, keep going, even when you get knock backs, believe in your work but be open to criticism. Write and read a great deal, to help with inspiration and always keep a small notebook with you to jot down ideas and thoughts. Throw a lot at it!” “Cycling and creative writing are the perfect mix!”

If you would like to order a copy of Keith’s book you can find it 

 – £5.99 paperback or £3.99 Kindle edition.


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