When we have to do an antigen test to be able to trust the result


The unstoppable increase in coronavirus cases on the eve of Christmas , a time of family and friends gatherings, has led many people to choose to take a pharmacy antigen test before attending an event, an “important” measure in order to locate possible infections. However, there are still doubts about when is the best time to do the test . The virologist and disseminator José Antonio López has referred to this matter in the program laSexta Noche .

As he explained, “by taking the test 15 or 20 minutes before the meeting , you already have the result.” The expert has insisted on doing it even if there are no symptoms. “You can’t take a test when you already have a headache, you do it when you go to have a meeting.”

In this sense, “the closer to that time window, the better. You do not have to do it the day before . And you have to take into account that if the event lasts 12 hours, one can also be infected in that period of time”, the researcher has pointed out.

Although these tests can result in a “false negative”, since they do not have sensitivity to detect the disease in asymptomatic people with low viral load, ” if the test is done by everyone, many positives will appear that, with their responsibility, they will decline to meet with other diners, “said López.

In his opinion, for this measure to be reliable “it has to be available to all pockets”, and in Spain this measure “is not practical or useful because the prices are prohibitive. The tests have to be provided so that anyone can take it. one at any time. If I have the option of taking a free test in the corner of my house or in a large warehouse for pennies, I buy them, I have them at my house and I do them “, he has valued.

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