Sustainability Focuses The Activities Of Fundación Ibercaja Financial Education Week


Ibercaja Foundation has presented this Friday in the Patio de la Infanta its programming for the Financial Education Week that is held from October 4 to 8, in which the experts in sustainable finance will have an important presence and which will be developed in a hybrid format , combining face-to-face events with online transmission.

Fundación Ibercaja joins the national programming of this Financial Education Week with its activities, “collaborating in this edition with the Banco de España Delegation in Zaragoza”, as explained in the presentation by the head of the Professional Development Area, Mayte Santos, who has pointed out that “financial culture and economic knowledge is more important than ever” due to the crisis created by the pandemic.

The presentation was also attended by the coordinator of Corporate Social Responsibility and Education Projects and head of the Financial Education program of Fundación Ibercaja, Carmen Campos, who has referred to the motto of this year’s edition, which is ‘Sustainable Finance’, which it has defined as “those that take into account the three ESG criteria: environmental, social and good governance, seeking a balance between economic and social and environmental development”.

“There are already many companies or many individuals that when they are going to hire a fund or when they are going to seek a loan from an entity, they take these criteria into account or when they are going to invest in certain funds,” Campos added.

Mayte Santos has highlighted that this edition “recovers the presence, of course always with the security measures”, in order to continue with “the closeness that characterizes us”, but maintains the online format for those who prefer it, to “break the barriers of space and time and extend the scope “of these sessions to all users.

Likewise, he indicated that the entity’s commitment is “to offer financial literacy to all ages”, which is why activities directed “from Primary school students to people over sixty-five years old” have been organized and recalled that all acts “are free”.

Course start
The Financial Education Week “marks the beginning of the course” of Fundación Ibercaja’s programming in this area, Campos said. The program begins this coming Monday, October 4, with the conference ‘Sustainable Finance’, in Ibercaja Patio de la Infanta, in charge of the portfolio manager at the Bank of Spain Mercedes de Luis López, who will talk about “how banking it can be an important lever to promote them, “Campos pointed out.

As a novelty in this edition, this opening act can also be followed through the Fundación Ibercaja YouTube channel: ‘’

Also included among the activities that will take place that same day, October 4, is the workshop ‘Basic finance for schoolchildren’ aimed at students from 5th grade to 3rd grade ESO with which Fundación Ibercaja tries to help schoolchildren to give their first steps in financial education so that they know how to make safe decisions “as consumers and investors of the future.”

The activity can be carried out online or in person, depending on the choice of each center, where the Ibercaja Foundation teams will move, if the schools so decide, Campos has detailed, who has said that they will deal with concepts such as money, savings or budgets. , “with content adapted to each level of studies.”

The second workshop scheduled for this Financial Education Week will take place on Tuesday, October 5, at 6:00 p.m., in Etopia, under the title ‘Impact of sustainable finance on the income statement’ and will be taught by the economist, entrepreneur and consulting partner of Lexintek, David Sancho.

In this case, it is a conference aimed at entrepreneurs, SMEs, freelancers and entrepreneurs, so that they can see “how sustainable finances impact the income statement”, Campos has expressed.

Small companies
The next scheduled day will take place on Wednesday, October 6, at 10:00 am, at the Ibercaja Campus, under the title ‘Sustainable finance for companies’, a group that “has to embrace sustainability since its future like that of the society we want, “Campos said.

This meeting, which will be presented by the director of the Ibercaja Foundation, José Luis Rodrigo, will open with a talk by the partner responsible for Sustainability and Good Governance of the KPMG Ramón Pueyo consultancy.

In the subsequent round table, which will be moderated by the journalist Eva Pérez, “the different points of view on the sustainability of small businesses” will be able to be seen, Campos said.

The general director of the Spainsif platform, Javier Garayoa; the Director of Communication, External Relations and Sustainability of CECA, Mónica Malo; and the CEOE Aragón CEO, Jesús Arnau.

The Aragonese economist Juan Royo will close the conference, which can also be followed in full through the Fundación Ibercaja YouTube channel, at the link ‘’.

Student contest
On the other hand, on Thursday, October 7, the preparatory meeting will take place for the II Edition of the Audiovisual Contest on Financial Education organized by the College of Economists of Aragón, in collaboration with the Ibercaja Foundation, and which is aimed at students of economics subjects in Baccalaureate and Middle Grade students.

Campos has reported that the day will serve as a “presentation to teachers, since students cannot participate individually” as well as to “encourage all schools to participate” in this proposal in which schoolchildren “not only acquire knowledge economic but also work the critical spirit, develop communication skills or use audiovisual tools “.

The winners in Aragon will go to the national final of the contest, the results of which will be known in February.

Virtual space
The Financial Education Week programming ends on October 8 with the launch of a new virtual space for schoolchildren where they can experience content, videos and a new game to better understand their financial knowledge.

Campos has emphasized that it is “essential for children to acquire financial education”, since it is “a competence that they will need throughout their lives”, specifying that this virtual space responds to the obligation to “adapt to their learning style and the needs and interests they have “.

The person in charge of the Financial Education program has expressed that it has been sought that “it is not simply a website” but that the platform “be an experience”. In this sense, schoolchildren can enter this virtual space and move through the different contents and resources, among which is “a corner for sustainable finance.”

Campos has clarified that this virtual space “will also be useful for teachers”, and in no case will “no record of the minor’s data be made.”

The information on this Financial Education Week, and the rest of the content on this area that will continue to be developed throughout the course, can be found on the foundation’s website ‘’ , where the different activities can also be followed online.

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