Four Little Jewels Of Continuum With The Most Profitable Dividends 2021


There is a drought of dividends in the Spanish stock market, but they will return when the heat eases and the rains return for autumn. By then there are four payments from small and medium-sized companies with a profitability of more than 4% and that have some of the best purchase recommendations in the entire Continuous Market.

They are Logista, Zardoya Otis, Prosegur and its subsidiary, Cash . Check here the calendar of upcoming dividends for the Spanish stock market

The first to reward its shareholders will be Logista . Its first interim dividend charged to 2021 will arrive on August 27 . In order to access it, it is necessary to have shares before August 25.

It will distribute 0.41 euros gross per share, which at current prices yield 2.2%. In total, and together with the next payment that is expected in March of next year, the remuneration to the shareholder of a company that eminently lives off cash flows reaches a return of 7%, among the highest in the entire Spanish stock market. Analysts foresee a second (complementary) payment of 86 cents per share, which would raise the annual dividend charged to 2021 to 1.27 euros.

It represents a rise of 7.6% compared to 2020-in 1.18 euros- and will continue to grow. The forecast is for it to reach 1.42 euros in 2022, 12% more.

The second most profitable dividend among the small gems on the market is that of Zardoya Otis . Its annual profitability reaches 5.3%. The company will foreseeably raise its payment to 0.292 euros, which represents an increase of 7% compared to 2020 (when it stood at 0.273 euros).

To date, it has already distributed two of the four payments it traditionally makes, for an amount of 0.142 – the last of which was last July. The third is expected, therefore, for October 7, for an amount of 7 cents that rents 1.2% at current prices. The session on October 4 will be the last to have shares of the elevator firm.

Those who also make four annual payments are Prosegur and its subsidiary Cash . And they will continue to do so, predictably, this year, after implementing in 2020 a hybrid formula similar to scrip to avoid unnecessary cash outflows – taking into account that control remains in the hands of the Revoredo family.

The security matrix approved a dividend of 0.124 euros charged to 2020. The next payment will be the fourth and last. It is scheduled for October 8 for 3 cents per title. The subsidiary, Cash, follows an identical policy with four annual payments, in his case 0.0097 euros, for a total of 0.0388. In both firms, the dividend yield is around 4%.

More treasures
They are not the only ones, but they are the ones who pay before. There are six other payments in the Continuum above 4% that start with Lar España , leader for profitability above 7.2% and that are not expected until 2022. Aedas and Neinor will be above 6% already next year; and the market is still pending the November payment from Sacyr, in scrip , and with a return of 4%.

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