OCU, Against Covid Tests Requests That They Be Free For Unvaccinated


The new normal created by covid-19 has caused great changes in people’s routines. Among the most striking, the covid tests to find out if you have the virus or not, which are essential when it comes to sightseeing .

More overseas where most countries request them regardless of whether or not they are vaccinated, which is a very high cost due to the high price for which they are sold in Spain. For this reason, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has already started a way to get these to be free.

In recent days, many Spaniards have been surprised to see how Mercadona (one of the large national companies) began to sell covid tests in its stores in Portugal . Also at a very low price, 2.10 euros , this collided with the impossibility of the chain to sell in Spain as well as the price of these in pharmacies (around 10 euros ).

A fact that has aggravated the indignation that already existed, due to the high cost of these coronavirus arrest devices that are not as accessible as they are in other countries . In addition, since its use is mandatory to travel to most foreign territories, its price is added to that of the tickets, greatly increasing the opportunity to fly outside our borders.

For this reason, the OCU has started a campaign to ensure that these are free at least as far as travelers are concerned. Both in its antigen and PCR format , the institution has wanted to focus on unvaccinated people.

The OCU considers that requesting a covid test from the unvaccinated is “discriminatory”
And it is that in many countries, being vaccinated exempts from showing a negative test . A fact that the OCU considers discriminatory, especially for the population that has not yet been able to receive the vaccine (due to the mere fact of their age) and that results in an extra cost of the trip of between 30 and 70 euros , in the case of tests of antigens, and between 70 and 120 euros , in the case of PCR.

“It is essential that all citizens can access these tests for free,” said the OCU in a message that it is taking to the different authorities in order to revoke the situation.

Even for areas within Spain where tests are requested, such as the Balearic Islands or the Canary Islands, this change could mean significant savings for many travelers, as well as the end of discrimination for not having yet received the full vaccination schedule.

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