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Top 4 office trends for 2023 


Now more than ever, it is essential for companies to have offices that are both functional and thoughtfully designed. To lure employees back to the office after years of working from home, the bare minimum is not going to be enough. That is why developers like Rohan Silva and Sameer Gehlaut are providing the top-notch offices of the future. 


Returning to the office has been something that a lot of staff have been dreading. So, to increase incentive, there has been a lot more thought about how the workplace can be somewhere that puts staff wellbeing at its heart. Some businesses tackle this by providing fitness services to employees, either in-house or through subsidised gym memberships, whereas others prioritise mental health. This has helped reduce burnout and improve productivity, as well as helping to maintain staff. 

The City Pavilion building on Bush Lane boasts its own Gymbox to encourage employees to prioritise fitness in their day, and facilities for those who cycle to work to store their bikes. They even have an in-house bicycle repair shop just in case the morning commute goes awry. 

The Crown Estate on Heddon Street has a different approach to wellbeing. It features a living wall and an indoor garden, and prioritises consistent daylight which can regulate our circadian rhythms. It even has a fresh air flow rate 50% higher than the recommended standard, plus acoustic controls to optimise the working environment. 


Quality over quantity is the mantra that luxury office designers have stuck by for decades, but the idea of luxury offices is beginning to be more of an expectation than a luxury. Companies are working hard to bring their employees back to the office, and super high-quality workspaces is a great way to do this. 

One office space which has gone above and beyond is Bloomberg’s European HQ in central London. It ticks every box for wellbeing, sustainability, and a prime location near St Paul’s. If that wasn’t enough, it is one of the most architecturally beautiful offices in the city, earning the Royal Institute of British Architects award for best new building of 2018.  

Clivedale, headed by Indian entrepreneur Sameer Gehlaut, is pushing the boundaries of luxury with its newest offices currently under construction just a stone’s throw from Pall Mall. Even the entrance and atrium is a sight to behold, with a double-height reception adorned with glass and sleek modern materials. It offers extensive garden terraces and plenty of outdoor space so that staff can make the most of London’s sunshine. 


Working from home is now commonplace in most companies. The pandemic saw a huge rise in the number of people needing to work remotely, and the convenience and money-saving aspects of this has meant working from home has remained popular in the post-pandemic world. It is now a necessity for offices to have good connectivity and cater for hybrid working.  

At its most basic level, offices will need reliable and super-fast broadband connections and employees should be given the tech needed to switch between their office and home desks. But going in 2023, we will see top-level offices push the boundaries and search for even more optimised hybrid working solutions. 

Google has pioneered a new kind of workspace known as a campfire. This involves a horseshoe-shaped bench seating area with large screens at eye level for true hybrid meetings – something which is always difficult to get right! 


Most sectors have seen an increasing shift towards more sustainable solutions, and commercial real estate is no different. It’s not just a great thing to do for the planet, but companies who choose sustainable offices get the added benefit of a boost to their reputation. Clients and customers are always keen to be associated with companies that have the environment at the forefront of their minds, and providing this opportunity makes an office space much more appealing. 

Co-working spaces in the city have been quick to jump on this trend, such as Second Home headed by CEO Rohan Silva. Their Spitalfields hub features all second hand furniture, over a thousand indoor plants, and plenty of outdoor terrace space to get some fresh air – a rare commodity in London.  

Other sustainable offices have made use of recycled and natural materials, utilising 100% renewable energy, and onsite composting. While some of these features are integral to the buildings themselves, there are plenty of sustainable alterations that can be made to your own office space. 

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