Why AI? 6 Ways Automation is Transforming the Workplace as We Know It


Over the past few years, the impact of AI on the way we work has become undeniable.  Here are six examples of the changes automation has made in the workplace.

Reduction in Errors

It doesn’t matter how careful you are. At some point, everyone makes a mistake — which can lead to issues in the workplace. Automation helps businesses to avoid these errors, with systems such as Xelix able to detect problems such as duplicate invoices and incorrect payment dates. When you no longer have to rely on humans to spot such errors, they can be found and resolved much faster. AI’s increased capacity for noticing anomalies also helps to protect businesses from fraud — the system will call attention to anything that doesn’t look right.


AI boosts workplace productivity by taking over simple, mundane tasks, which frees employees up to focus on tasks that require human imagination. While some people worry about AI ‘taking’ their jobs, this shows that it supports them to work efficiently and dedicate their time to things that require more thought.

Performance Analysis

The process of workplace performance analysis and evaluation can be simplified by AI. AI has the ability to assess employees continuously, so it’s easier to find out what they’re doing well and how they can improve. It also saves time by reducing the need for in-person performance reviews, allowing everyone to focus on doing their jobs instead of discussing them – and, as AI can’t form opinions, any potential bias that would be brought in by a human evaluator is removed.

Improves the Hiring Process

Hiring can be time consuming, but AI can help with that. It can sort through applications so that you only see the ones that might be a good fit for your business, reducing a pool of possibly hundreds or thousands of applications to the handful that will be of interest to you.  It can also screen applicants by asking them a series of questions, so when the time comes for in-person interviews, you know you have a choice of the best candidates.

Helps With Training

Much like hiring, training new employees uses up valuable time that would be better spent on other tasks. AI systems can be used to walk recently hired people through everything they need to know about their new job, covering the majority of questions they might have and explaining the tasks they will be required to complete each day. It can also teach them how your business’ computer systems work, which means no more wasting time showing new hires how to set a username and password!

Improves Marketing

There are a few ways AI can help with marketing. For example, it can help you to understand customer perceptions by analysing reviews and trends in the market, giving you a clearer idea of what they’re looking for and how you can appeal to them. It has the ability to optimise your online advertisements and social media content, allowing them to be seen by more people and awareness of your business to grow. It also saves time yet again, as it collects the data to make this possible – meaning you don’t have to!

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