Monster-Tamer Coromon Evolves, Launching onto Nintendo Switch Today


Zevenaar, The Netherlands – July 21, 2022 Coromon, the modern monster taming RPG from developer TRAGsoft and publisher Freedom Gameslaunches today on Nintendo Switch alongside cross-save and cross-play compatibility with the PC version. 

Choose, capture, and train the strongest squad of Coromon as a researcher on an epic quest to save the Velua region. Trek through dense forests, glacial caverns, and blisterings deserts full of secrets and side quests.  Encounter more than 100 different types of wild Coromon across seven different elemental types against other researchers and tremendous Titans. Transfer save data between PC and Nintendo Switch versions to take the adventure on the go and face real-world trainers on either platform with online cross-play multiplayer.

Experience the compelling story of a Battle Researcher’s first day at work gone-wrong morphing into an epic quest across dense forests, glacial caverns, and blisterings deserts full of secrets and side quests. Catch hand-crafted pixel art companions while mastering a stamina-based battle system with more than 100 iconic Coromon across seven different elemental types. 

Multiple difficulty levels and game-mode options can either let the story take center stage on the easiest difficulty or put master trainer skills to the test with a built-in randomizer and fan-favorite “Nuzlocke” mode. Return to the Velua region anytime, anywhere thanks to Cross-Save functionality between PC and Nintendo Switch versions; alongside the highly-requested crossplay multiplayer to test high-level strategies against other trainers across the globe.

“The creature-catching genre has always been a perfect fit for portable gaming consoles,” said Jochem Pouwels, Founder, TRAGsoft. “We remained true to the heart of the games before us and continue to deliver on the promises we made to trainers by taking their journey anywhere in their real-world adventures. Whether Switch players are continuing their PC story via Cross-Save or starting with a brand-new team, we are proud to deliver the game Nintendo fans have been asking for for years!”

Coromon is available now on Nintendo Switch eShop for $19.99 with English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (Simplified) language support.

To learn more, visit Coromon’official site and join the community on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and Discord, and search #Coromon on social media.

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