Holiday Horoscope 2022: Your Dream Holiday Is Written in the Stars


What if we told you that there is a place on this Earth that you’re destined to visit? The Astro travel agency is here to determine the best holiday spot for you. Although your star sign might be ruled by Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, or any of the other planets in the solar system, this summer, we’re sending you across the Earth. Our planet is abundant in explored and unexplored paradise-like spots.

Designer bikinis brand Heidi Klein has teamed up with Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and astrologer, to plan the adventure of your lifetime based on your star sign.

“When it’s time to relax and set your mind to holiday mode, not everyone agrees on the best way to achieve that happy state. Some are more active whereas others love stillness. Those that like silence won’t holiday with people who enjoy the hustle and bustle.

“Check your astrology, and that of your companions, to plan a successful vacation that will thrill and attract the whole group,” shared Honigman. Let’s get packing!

Aries: riding the wave in Byron Bay, Australia

Dear Aries, this year, you’re taking yourself on a holiday. Not because you have no one to surprise you, but because you like to take things into your own hands.

Expect big waves of excitement, undying fun, and lots of action on the spot! YThe Astro travel agency is taking you to Byron Bay in Australia because it’s  hot, fun, action-packed, and famous for its “Endless Summer” vibes and cruisy waves.

Spend the day surfing, canoeing, paddleboarding, snorkelling, or jumping off cliffs into the water, and get your groove on during the night in one of the many nightclubs. On the weekend, go on a road trip along the vast coast and see where the sun takes you!

“Fire signs require action; even their relaxation is packed-full of activities. Sporty breaks, sweaty breaks, anything challenging will hit the spot,” shared Honigman.

If you fancy a long-term stay, why not partake in a voluntary program saving the turtles of Australia? That way, you’re not going to miss out on the action and will also do some good for the planet.

Taurus: a journey through the senses in Venice, Italy

A purveyor of all the finest things, you need to be taken on a journey through senses. Although your constellation is represented by the bull, you are actually ruled by the planet Venus. That bestows you with incredible sensuality and a great taste.

A destination that can satiate your astute sentiment for the pleasures of life is Italy. Treat your taste buds to gourmet Italian pasta, complemented by an indulgent panna cotta and mature wine. Revel in the sun-kissed streets of Venice and feel the soft wind on your skin while taking a romantic gondola ride along the canals. And don’t forget to visit a rustic villa amongst the stunning vineyards, where you can be close to nature and please your Earth sign.

Although it takes some convincing to get you moving – you often prefer the comfort of your own home – once you experience the lust for travel, you become unstoppable. So pack your sunglasses and excitement, and head off for an adventure of the senses!

Gemini: festival mode in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Gemini, you’re playful and crave spontaneity at all times. A map is like a board game to you, and you’re quick to jump from one destination to the other. Like a little child, you explore with your eyes and heart wide open to the world.

As a Gemini, you have a natural lust for knowledge, and your mind is constantly in a thinking mode. That’s why a holiday destination that fuses ancient history with spur-of-the-moment excitement is ideal for you.

How about Rio De Janeiro? Famous for its exuberant festivals, the city’s vibrancy will make you feel alive while its rich culture will satisfy your child-like curiosity. It also gives you a chance to dress in feisty colours that match your chameleon nature and live in the fairy tale of modern life.

Even if you travel solo, you are sure to find some exciting company that will make your journey even more enjoyable. Known as the social butterfly of the zodiac, you easily make friends on and off the road and know how to keep them.

Cancer: soul-quenching retreat in Bali, Indonesia

A tranquil paradise is exactly what you’re looking for in a holiday, dear emotional cancer. Naturally introverted, the hustle and bustle of daily life tires you, so you’re craving time to yourself away from too many social interactions.

As you need to retreat from the burdens of life, let your guard off, and re-attune your senses, a jungle retreat in Bali will do you so much good. Your soul needs to revel in the ocean of tranquillity, somewhere close to nature and a water source. Inbaal Honigman says that “water signs just need the water: lakes, ocean, or a cruise. They’re not picky as long as they can see blue.” That way, you can melt into your emotions and emerge stronger than before. That’s what a holiday is for you.

Even though you’re known for loving the comfort of your own home, you can easily recreate that comfort somewhere else, and Bali is the perfect destination for that. The island offers you an abundance of indulgent fruit, natural resources, and an ancient culture that will root you in spirituality and the debris of the soul.

Leo: in the land of love and beauty – Paphos, Greece

The romantics of the zodiac, Leos are true connoisseurs of love and pleasure. With “amour” written on your forehead, you spread love and joy into every street you enter around the globe. And that’s what you take pride in.

So head off to the one destination where the sun shines, love prevails, and beauty blazes – Cyprus. The home of the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite, Paphos in Cyprus transcends the ancient magic of Eros and will definitely spin your head around.

It’s needless to say that, as a fire sign, the Cyprian sun will enhance your inner light even more and invigorate your soul. Along your journey, explore the ancient sites of the country, do some island hopping, eat mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine, and let passion guide you.

Virgo: close to nature at the Lake District National Park, England

As a true earth sign, you love reconnecting with nature’s grounding energy and releasing all the negative energy into the soil. You also understand the importance of well-being because you’re a natural healer yourself.

Now, the time has come for you to take care of yourself and unwind. What a better scenery and calm atmosphere than the Lake District National Park – the UK’s finest resort gifted by the planet? There, you can listen to the birds singing and meditate next to the ancient trees, enveloped by the gentle embrace of fresh air.

The Lake District National Park will also appeal to your artistic side that’s fascinated by geometry, and that probably informs your knack for organisation, clarity, and structure. Nature is abundant in all sorts of geometrical forms, from the rings of a tree trunk to the fractals in the succulent growth spirals, and you will definitely have an amazing time.

Libra: in the valley of love and beauty – Provence, France

Libra, you’re a true representation of balance and harmony, and that’s evident in your travel style too. As an aesthete, you have the astute senses to appreciate all things beautiful. Ruled by Venus, you can’t help being a hopeless romantic, constantly swayed by the allurement around the world.

That’s why, the Astro travel agency is sending you on a trip to the valley of fine wine and beautiful scenery – Provence in France. Immerse yourself in the endless rows of vineyards, the charming coast of the Mediterranena sea, the majestic mountains of of the Provence Alps, and the vast fields of lavender.

The society in Provence perfectly matches your Libra persona, as you cherish indulgent food and courteous service in a tranquil ambience and see life as a blank canvas waiting to be painted.

Scorpio: feel the profoundness of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Deep and hypnotic, you are like an enigmatic painting that is complex and profound but also holds the answers to the questions of the universe. People like to take a deep stare into the painting, and that can tire you sometimes.

That’s why you need to retreat to a place where you feel cradled in the majestic force of nature’s artistry. One such destination is the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It’s bestowed with the epic red-coloured rock and progressive geometry, carved by the Colorado river. There, you can indulge in your desire for deep philosophical quests and let your emotions run free with the flow of the river.

Beneath your hard shell, there is softness and deep emotional intelligence that overpowers your being, just like the river at the Grand Canyon. So let yourself be taken back by the beauty of the world.

Sagittarius: a soul-searching journey in Peru, South America

Sagittarius, travelling is in your blood. You’re bestowed with an incredible free spirit and it’s your dream to wander around the globe exploring new destinations and satisfying your philosophical side.

Ultimately, you’re in search of the truth. Ruled by the biggest planet in the solar system – Jupiter – the word that best describes you is expansiveness. You are guided by blind optimism and a bounty of opportunities.

With that in mind, a city break just won’t cut it for you. You crave the bigger picture and are ready to take a deep dive into the unknown. So pack your bag and head off to Peru for a life-changing journey. Tapping into the ancient cultures of the lands, you will receive the wisdom of our ancestors and learn how to apply it to your life and that of others. The magnificent jungle will leave you awestruck, the vast beaches and ocean will quench your thirst for expansiveness, and you’re sure to find a meaningful spiritual practice on your own or with a shaman.

Capricorn: luxury and comfort in the Maldives, South Asia

If anyone is in dire need of a holiday right now, it’s you, Capricorn. You’re known as the workaholic of the zodiac and rarely switch off. You work hard for the money and don’t shy away from splurging when the time is right.

It’s likely that you will fly first to your destination and will make use of all the amenities and services offered on the plane. But where to? The Maldives is the ideal holiday destination for you because it fuses luxury with comfort, nature with sophisticated buildings, and quality with pleasure.

According to Inbaal Honigman, “earth signs like Capricorn love a good woodland hideaway. Something secluded, preferably five stars.” You will most likely sign up for all the VIP events because you like to celebrate your wins and stand at the top of the ladder of success. Whether you bring company or not, you’re sure to have a great time.

Aquarius: embrace eclectic innovation in Tokyo, Japan

Aquarius, you’re like a splash of colour to the zodiac. Your personality and interests are so versatile that everyone expects the unexpected from you.

Because you’re ruled by Uranus, the planet of innovation and mysticism, you’re very forward-thinking and have a knack for technology. That’s why Tokyo is the best place for you to visit this summer. There, you will explore eclectic innovations and tap into the trendy traveller mindset, which aligns with your desire to follow the unbeaten track and be ahead of the rest.

Japan is also a place that will satisfy your inclination towards the natural world with its ethereal gardens that fuse Japanese aesthetics with philosophical ideas. They are abundant in cherry blossom trees, teahouses with intricate roofs, and bridges stretching across rivers and ponds of peace. Channel your inner geisha and embrace the journey of your life.

Pisces: reaching the skies in Tibet, East Asia

It’s no secret that you already have your head up in the clouds, Pisces. With your vast imagination and dreamy personality, you tend to live in a world that has a poetic touch to it.

To bring you closer to the stars and the clouds, the Astro travel agency is sending you to Tibet. Nestled in the Himalayan Mountains, Tibet is a destination with incredible spiritual significance and is known for its sacred energy.

It has that tranquil vibe that will be like a solace for your wandering soul. Climb parts of the Himalayas to get in touch with the earth and make sure you visit one of the magnificent lakes in the area, such as Nam-tso or Yamdrok-tso, which will wash away your worries. This is the perfect time to visit some of the ancient monasteries and dedicate yourself to meditation and the practice of compassion for humankind, just like you’re meant to do.

The world is full of wonderful places that only remind us how magical the planet we live in is. Although we deeply crave exploration, it’s likely that we won’t have a chance to visit everywhere in a lifetime. That’s where astrology comes to help us choose the destination that best suits our needs and personalities and will guarantee us the time of our lives. Let’s get exploring!

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