What is One Person Company?


An individual organization is an organization that contains precisely one member. It is a different lawful substance from its advertiser and the advertiser has a restricted obligation.

Business visionaries who are fit for beginning an endeavor all alone can utilize one individual organization (OPC) in India.

 In one individual organization, there is just a single investor who is an Indian resident and Indian occupant for example remained in India for no less than 182 days in the previous year.

The investor selects someone else as a chosen one if there should be an occurrence of death or insufficiency of the investor. 

One individual organization was presented in the organizations’ act 2013 to support self-employment.

You would not join more than one individual, be able to an organization or be a chosen one of more than one OPC. Rules of OPC organizations don’t allow Non-Banking Financial Institutions.

A sworn statement from each supporter of the reminder (for example individuals) and first chiefs, if any, that they have not been indicted for any offense according to the development of the executives of any organization, or have not been seen as at real fault for any extortion or any break of obligation to any organization during going before five years.

One Person Company in India is a different legitimate substance from its advertiser, offering restricted risk security to its only investor.


  • Character confirmation of chief and nominee(PAN card)
  • Address confirmation of chief and nominee(Aadhar card, Driving License, Electricity charge, Passport)
  • Address confirmation of office (Rent arrangement or deal deed, power charge, local charge receipt)
  • NOC from the property manager
  • DSC and DIN of chief
  • Visa photograph of chief


1. An individual is qualified for precisely 1 one individual organization.

2. A minor can not be a party or choose one

3. An OPC organization can’t do Non-Banking Financial Investment exercises remembering speculation for protections of any body corporate.

4. In the event that settled up capital of an OPC comes to over Rs 50 lakh or normal turnover of sequential 3 years comes to north of 2 crores it should be changed over into private or public restricted organization inside a half year.

Benefits Of OPC

A Separate legitimate substance

Person organization is a different legitimate substance and fit for doing all that a business visionary would do.

Simple Funding

Like a private organization, One Person Company can raise assets through funding, monetary establishments, private supporters and so on A Person Company can raise finances consequently graduating itself to a private restricted organization.

More open doors, Limited obligation

Since the responsibility of the One Person Company is restricted to the degree of the worth of the offer you hold, the individual could face more challenges in business without influencing or enduring the loss of individual resources. It is the support to new, youthful, and inventive new companies.

Least compliances

One Person Company needs to confront little consistency trouble when contrasted with private restricted organizations, consequently, One Person Company can more zero in on other utilitarian and center regions.

Advantages of being a Small Scale Industries (S I)

A-One Person Company can profit from the different advantages given to Small Scale Industries like the slower pace of Interest on advances, simple financing from banks without storing any security to a specific cutoff, complex advantages under Foreign Trade strategy, and others. This multitude of advantages can be shelter to any business in starting years.

The Only Owner

You, just the proprietor supportive in fast navigation, controlling and dealing with the business without following any lengthened cycles and procedures as taken on in different organizations. The feeling of having a place moves to develop the business further.

FICO score

The Person organization with awful FICO assessment might even get the credit. FICO score of One individual organization won’t be material assuming the rating of One individual organization is according to standards.

Benefits under Income Tax Law

Any compensation paid to the chief will be permitted as allowance according to annual assessment regulation dissimilar to ownership.

 Different advantages of possible tax the collection are likewise accessible subject to personal expense act. Pea ruse more contrasts in our article OPC versus Sole Proprietorship.

Get interested in any late Payment

One Person organization profits every one of the advantages under the Enterprises advancement Act, 2006. The recently fire up One Person organization is miniature, little, or medium, thus they are covered under this demonstration.

 According to the Act, assuming the purchaser or collector gets any late installment (gets installment after the determined period) , then, at that point, he is qualified for get revenue that is multiple times the bank rate.

Expanded Trust and glory

Any business substance that runs as an organization generally partakes in an expanded trust and renown.

Controls and Ownership of the Company

In One Person Company, the sole part that is the Director has the total responsibility for the organization, and it isn’t imparted to some other individual.

While on account of the private restricted organization, the proprietorship is split between two individuals. Additionally, in light of the proportion of offers held by every part, the democratic power is isolated.

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Organization’s Establishment

The expense engaged with the development of One Person Company and the Pvt Company is something very similar, yet the expense engaged with the compliances is some way or another unique.

In OPC, the consistence cost is less in contrast with the OPC. The documenting of each structure requires INR 500, which thus mirrors the higher consistency cost of the OPC.

Though in the Private Limited Company, the consistence cost is more than the OPC.


Both OPC (One Person Company) and the Pvt Ltd Company enjoy specific benefits and hindrances, it’s absolutely dependent upon you, what sort of organization you need to initiate. Basically, we can propose that you can go to the Private Limited Company as it enjoys other certain benefits of continuous presence and fixed risk.

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