VOX Binéfar Warns Of The Irresponsible Ecological Transition In Critical Moments


VOX in Binéfar has warned this Monday of the “critical moments” that Spanish agricultural producers are experiencing “due to a terrible economic policy, tolerated unfair competition and an irresponsible ecological transition promoted by climate laws.”

In the words of its regional spokesperson, Beatriz Oliván, “the policy of open doors to foreign products means the disappearance of numerous agricultural and livestock farms, unable to face unfair competition from products from developing countries.”

“The lack or deficiency of transport, health, education and basic services infrastructures, together with the decreasing possibilities of employment and the abandonment of the national water policy are condemning rural Spain to become the emptied and abandoned Spain”, has asserted Oliván.

He has also expressed that “the rural environment needs measures that guarantee its persistence and growth and therefore it is vitally important to defend the rural world, agriculture, livestock and their traditions.”

Furthermore, “the important weight of agriculture and livestock in our region is beyond any doubt. And for this reason, this region must actively promote, support and defend the main economic sectors in our area.”

VOX will propose that the La Litera Region carry out campaigns to support and disseminate the agricultural and livestock products produced in the area and that it promote the purchase of local products in schools and residences for the elderly; also that weekly producer markets be established that rotate through the region.

Other proposals are the creation of a monitoring table for rural development and depopulation within one of the regional work commissions and an Agrarian-Livestock Council “that allows permanent, agile and close communication between farmers and ranchers and the Shire”.

Finally, that the region declares hunting as an essential activity for the control of populations and for the protection of agricultural and livestock operations, and that it evaluates its environmental and economic importance.

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