A Handy Guide To Different Tyre Types In UAE


When was the last time you thought about replacing your car tyres?

The notion that car tyres are among the most crucial parts of your vehicle is indeed very true. If you think about it, a car is nothing without a tyre. The tyres are the only thing that carries a car’s burden with ease. Hence, you must take good care of them! And this is especially true when you live in countries like UAE. Dubai’s dusty, scorching weather takes its toll on drivers, causing hazardous problems for car tyres. In cases like these, choosing the right tyres for your vehicle is necessary.

But the process of choosing the perfect tyres to mount onto your car’s wheels is dependent on several factors, including the general use of the vehicle and driving conditions, among others.

With the availability of a wide range of tyres, it can become confusing when choosing new tyres for your vehicle. Therefore, we recommend that you first get familiar with the various types of tyres in the market and choose the one best suited to your driving style and requirements.

With that said, let’s look at some of the most common types of tyres to help you decide what might be best for you.

Different Types Of Car Tyres In Dubai

  • All-Season

Nowadays, every modern car that comes out of the assembly line is unified with all-season tyres. All-around or all-season tyres are often considered a middle-way option as they can handle various road conditions.

Though they aren’t meant to perform in harsh environments, all-season tyres are an acceptable option for most vehicles, as they’re light and smooth. They’re also generally quiet, and the tread will likely last for some time.

  • All-Terrain

All-terrain tyres are a versatile type of tyres. The key to their success lies in their dual-purpose design. All-terrains are meant to be used in both conditions: paved as well as rocky terrain.

While they aren’t the lightest or quietest tyres, nor are they best suited for intense off-roading, they can easily transition from one terrain to the next.

  • Touring

Touring tyres are great options for anyone who spends substantial time traveling long distances on open roads. These tyres are built with asymmetric tread patterns and provide exceptional handling, tread wear, and a quiet, comfortable ride.

Touring tyres tend to have increased speed ratings, which means the tyres can endure higher speeds while still offering the driver security and control.

  • Summer  

Summer tyres, also called performance tyres, are intended to provide excellent grip and traction on dry and wet surfaces. Summer tyres are made to perform best in hot weather conditions and are unsuitable for all seasons.

For instance, for people living in warmer climates like UAE, tyre brands such as Michelin can offer excellent off and on-road grip, helping you stay safe in all types of weather conditions. 

  • Winter

If you live in an area with a lot of snow, it’s highly recommended that you invest in winter or snow tyres. Winter tyres have wider tread designs than typical tyres, offering increased traction on snowy, icy, and wet surfaces.

  • Track

Track and competition tyres are similar to street performance tyres in that they are designed to deliver the pinnacle of performance. They’re the ideal partner of many high-quality sports vehicles, designed to navigate turns with ease and brake swiftly.

It’s worth noting that track tyres are designed for dry roads, so they may not handle well in wet conditions. They also aren’t ideal for daily drivers, as they’re specifically designed for racing.

Now that you’ve gone through the various types of car tyres, here’s a brief guide on selecting the right tyres for your vehicle.

Selecting The Perfect Tyre For Your Car

Buying the right set of tyres is vital for your car. Your safety, comfort, and car performance over the following years and thousands of miles will depend on it. So when it’s time for your tyre replacement, consider the following factors to ensure you choose the best tyres:

What Weather Conditions Do I Drive In?

Your tyres must be able to withstand a wide range of weather changes: heat, snow, ice, rain, and so on, and these all affect tyre performance. So to ensure your safety, you should get tyres that perform not just in your usual climatic conditions but also in the most severe weather you may face.

What Type Of Roads Do I Drive On?

Different usage conditions require other tyre characteristics.

If you mainly drive inside the city, look for tyres that have:

  • Optimal braking on both dry and wet roads.
  • High longevity since driving inside the city puts strain on the tyres due to numerous starts and stops.
  • Low rolling resistance to save fuel.

If you mainly drive on highways, look for tyres that:

  • Have optimum braking at high speed on both dry and wet roads.
  • Offer high comfort.
  • Offer excellent handling.

If you mainly drive on unpaved roads, look for tyres that:

  • Provide off-road traction and durability

What Is My Driving Style?

To enjoy your drive, you should look for tyres that suit your driving style

If you prefer a quiet and comfortable driving style, you should look for tyres that mention comfort, smooth ride, or low road noise. For example, there are various tyre offers in Dubai that you can look up and specifically order tyres as you desire.


If you enjoy the feeling of every curve turn, search for tyres that offer great handling and steering precision, meaning that these tyres provide better control and a stiffer, more precise ride.


Your car tyres aren’t only an accessory; they’re integral to your car’s performance. Finding the correct tyre for your automobile may result in your safety, comfort, and vehicle performance, so it’s critical to be well-informed and well-equipped. For those looking to buy high-quality tyres in Dubai, consider checking out wholesalers such as CTC – a member of the well-known Al-Rostamani Company. They will help you with all your automotive needs. Visit today!

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