Why Do I Start To Hate Captcha?


Before I start to talk about my hate towards Captcha just mind that this is what I feel and I still believe that Captcha is still one of the best ways to secure the websites and forums though not so advanced but at a basic level it still can. CAPTCHA as we all have witnessed those square boxes that will appear right after we hit continue, submit, or any related button after posting something are there for a long time.

It is the acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. The performance of Captcha was too good that anti captcha had to introduce because CAPTCHAs were hard to solve by a huge number of users. At first, there was some distorted text in the images and later we can see different types of interesting and interactive Captcha types.

Why The Hate Started?

Captcha, though working well in terms of securing the forums and websites from spammers over time it just got difficult and ridiculous in providing tests. It was due to the ever-improving technology which was used by spambots to evolve to beat the Captcha security so Captcha had to be hard to overcome the situation. While some users had access to anticaptcha, not every user can bypass Captcha this easy and this is why the hate started to grow. But this isn’t the only reason that I or many others who hated Captcha, here is more to know about.

They consume a lot of Time

Some will say that Captcha doesn’t take much time to complete or “I have completed Captcha in few seconds” so what’s the point to hate the Captcha? Here is the question. On average, how many Captcha did you solve in a week, or how many Captcha did you solve this whole month? Things aren’t the same for everyone. I don’t know about your but I had to complete Captcha 3, 4, or even 5 times before the answer would be accepted.

Though at a point I have used anti captcha API to bypass the Captcha still it was there that I had to complete. And let’s not forget that IP-address from VPN issue or public network usage. And if you going to solve Captcha with them then good luck completing it. Also, completing these tests will just consume time and won’t give you many benefits.

Extra Difficult for Disabilities

If you are a person having some sort of disabilities such as vision impairment or hearing difficulties then Captcha will be extra hard for you. You will have to take care of Captcha in the most difficult way possible. The design would be too difficult to read for you and if there are test such as audio captcha for the person with no hearing ads then things would be way difficult for them.

Though reloading a new test might change the situation a little but it will stay the same most of the time. If you didn’t have access to the anti captcha key then you will be out of luck.

A Labor for Google

You are a human and you will be asked to prove if you are a human before you can continue then what you will be feeling. However, this is crucial to avoid spammers. This would be too often every time you have to fill out the form. However, you will be surprised to know that when you complete the reCaptcha test, you were actually teaching a little to Google’s AI and in other terms, you are doing free labor. I am not making it up it is on Google’s site.

Google offers the reCaptcha to millions of websites and it provides without any issue. If nothing in this world comes free then why security products would be free. With such free distributing and maintaining the reCaptcha code, Google will get millions of hours of human-level intelligence to apply it to the issues that Google wants to solve.

They Aren’t Easy to Solve

At first, when Captcha was introduced there were just simple tests where you have to guess the words from the images which won’t take much time. Over time, these tests evolved and now there are practically unlimited types of Captcha available to be solved. Some of those Captchas are easy to solve but there are several that will boggle your mind. They will be hard to solve in so many ways.

The bad design of Captcha such as the letter “I” might be confused with the small “l” or in some Captcha “0” will be confused with the “O” this confusion will be consistent and the level of difficulty will be increased. Some users have even come up with the math Captcha type where they had to solve some ridiculously hard algebraic equations from high school. This is what makes the captcha really difficult to be solved.

It Affects the User’s Experience

 What if you have found a platform that is filled with the required information, data, and everything that you want for your project. However, you will have to solve Captcha at every reload and every Captcha is different and complicated to solve. Will you return to that page again? Several users have claimed how they were annoyed by the Captcha that they had to solve again and again. This will disrupt their experience and they will look for an alternative. Not only it will increase the bounce rate but reduce the traffic of the website as well.

Bottom Line

This is totally my personal opinion but you will have suffered from Captcha as well. While Captcha hate is real, it shouldn’t be forgotten how Captcha is effective in avoiding the problem of spam. I am not totally against Captcha but the complication in solving it is what makes it worst. However, if you are frustrated with Captcha as well then anti captcha API can let you solve the Captcha within no time. Just try anti captcha to solve the Captcha to avoid any inconvenience.

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