Efficiency Tools Every Logo Designer Needs


Efficiency Tools Every Logo Designer Needs A well-designed logo is crucial for any successful company as it’s usually the first thing people see when they encounter the business first.

As an experience logo designer you’ll have to work with numerous projects, each of which has deadlines that are rapidly approaching. To assist you to accelerate your workflow and increase your productivity and efficiency , and allow you the opportunity to attract more clients, here are my tips of the most effective tools to do exactly that.

Increase Your Creative Output

The first step is to find methods to accelerate your creativity process. This doesn’t necessarily mean speeding through the designing process however, it is looking for ways to help it flow more efficiently.

Quickly clean up your artwork using The Smart Remove Brush Tool.

Vector Scribe is a plugin available for Adobe Illustrator by Astute Graphics that improves the tools already include in the software.

One of the features I utilize on all my projects includes one of my favorite tools that I use on every project is the smart removal brush tool that automatically eliminates the anchor points in excess within the artwork. This makes it much easier to edit, and reduces files size… as well, and, most important… makes sure that your logo’s design is professional looking!

One of the labor-intensive tasks that every logo designer must do is to export logos.

If, like me, you offer several lockups available in a vast range of formats that you can use on the printing and web, this job can take several hours to finish. There’s now a better method of doing this… significantly faster. What’s the sound of 2 minutes? It’s now feasible…

The HTML Logo Package Express is an amazing Adobe Illustrator extension that accelerates the process of creating and exporting different types for logos. Instead of having to alter and export each file in one go, Logo Package Express will complete the task for you. It also allows you to organize your results in folders that are meticulously label to make it easy for users to identify the exact information they require.

Take a look at the video tutorial below to find out how awesome this tool can be! It’ll help you save time and will eliminate room for errors too, since it’s automatic.

Rapidly Visualise Current Designs using Live Surface

If you’d like your ideas to be successful on the market,, you must try them out.

One of the most efficient method to achieve this is to put your logos to mockups of branding so that you can test the impact of your logo in real-world applications (I’ve include a list of branding mockup websites on the Resources page to make it easier).

Even using the capabilities provide by Photoshop Smart Objects, using branding mockups takes some time.

This is where the Live Surface comes in. It’s software that is integrate directly into Illustrator which lets you visualize your designs on actual objects, without ever leaving Illustrator. This means that you can check your logo and swiftly alter the design as require after pressing a single button to display an update version of the design in real-time. It’s a great time-saver and is something I employ for every project.

Tools to Make Your Business More Efficient

In addition to making the critical creative work flow more quickly There are also excellent tools to make tedious but essential administrative tasks consume lesser of your energy. Here’s a look at a few of my favorite tools…

Get access to Your Files on the Move by using Dropbox

It’s a brief for a client or a font you’ve chosen or a logo that you’re halfway across, Dropbox makes it much easier to edit and access your files on any device connect to access to the internet. The account’s design is such that it syncs across all of your devices, which means you can edit, arrange and get the most current versions of the designs no matter if you’re at work or out on the move.

Dropbox makes collaboration easier by allowing you to send large files in a short time and let people view comments, or even send additional details directly to the appropriate folder. It’s also now Dropbox Paper, which acts as a scrapbook in the cloud to gather audio, images, and video files that can inspire you.

The free version offers 2GB of storage space with two additional packages with greater storage capacity and many additional features. There’s also a commercial version which lets multiple users access the entire system easily.

Calendly: Pain-Free Meeting Schedule Tool

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Meetings with clients are essential for every business However, it’s very easy to go back and forth with emails in search of an appropriate time for meetings (whether you’re meeting face-to-face or online) instead of actually talking about work.</p>

Calendly is design to prevent the need for. Simply enter your preferences for availability and then forward a booking hyperlink to another person. The other party can choose the time that works for their schedule, and the meeting will be schedule exactly as it should be. Also… If they’re in a different zone, Calendly will automatically show the local time as well. It’s truly amazing.

Create Your own Templates

If you’re finding yourself using the same email templates or documents to potential customers, you might want to think about making an array of templates that you could keep on be prepare and only need an edit to customize it to the person who will be receiving it.

I have a variety of templates I employ for each stage of the process. They make my work easier. They include email templates for each stage in an designing process along with InDesign templates to present my designs which I simply insert my logos in them, as well as an Logo Usage Guidelines document that I send out at the end of each project to inform clients the best ways to apply their brand new logo.

It’s not necessary to create a new wheel every time, and making templates for emails and documents will help you save time and effort.

I hope these tools and tricks can save you some need time! If you have concerns, or others , contact me via the logo geek community on Facebook (or in Mighty Networks if you’re not a fan on Facebook) or send me a message via Twitter. Let’s chat productively! Further more checkout logo design and Affordable Web Design Services 2022

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