3 PPC strategies that no longer work and what to replace them with


3 PPC strategy that doesn’t work anymore and their replacement 

Some of the PPC strategies are not working now, so you have to stop using them. Here we give you some new strategies you can use to build your brand.


Some most used PPC strategies are out of date now. Let’s talk about why they are not working now and how to replace them with some great new strategies. A successful paid media campaign needs a balance between brands requirements and the engagement rule of certain social media.

The rule of engagement has remained the same for many years, but the most used PPC strategy has become obsolete in the past few years. Some new changes like campaign delaying automatic disapproval take place. These changes make considerable differences in the previous technique. So it is essential to know which rule is still working or which go out of date.

Some of the PPC strategies don’t work anymore.

  • Bidding on each keyword on each match type
  • Manual bidding on big-spending account
  • Remarketing based on old website visitors alone

Let’s talk about why these strategies no longer work and how you can adopt a new strategy and get success.

Don’t: bid on all the keywords variations 

Do: bid on keyword champions 

In previous days an advertised needed to bid on every variation of keywords. If your target is to get leads for a dog training client, you need to bid on many variations keywords like a dog trainer, train my dog, trainer for my dog, etc.

But from 2016 to 2017, this trend is fad up, and every variation of keywords becomes obsolete. The individual keyword didn’t provide value anymore, so this old method changed, and new things took place.

how you can bid on keywords champion

instead of bidding on all keywords variations, now advertiser shifts into keywords champion. It is the way that captures all the keywords in one keyword or use one keyword to cover all the variants.

Keyword champion work because 

  1. By using keywords champion, you will save some of your money. You don’t have to go for the premium to use keyword champion.
  2. You also remove some of the time taking steps. Like negative keywords, they don’t provide value. So you don’t have to protect every keyword.
  3. You have to make sure that a higher ratio of ads leads to conversion.

When bidding on keyword champions

  1. Limit your ad group as you have to use only two to three keywords that match the exact topic.
  2. You must have an ad group with a single long tailboard match keyword to ready the campaign. Also, work on those ideas that you don’t think will work out.
  3. Convert exact match keywords with negative.

Don’t: leverage inefficient manual bidding.

Do: leverage automated bidding.

As a marketer one can face the most challenging thing of letting go of control. We are also eager to know where our budget spend. This clear line show why so many marketers clung to manual bidding.

In the old days, manual bidding worked because advertisers could use their business to reasonable bid. Also, innovative bids need 50 to 100 conversations within 30 days, but now they are no longer working. Now the main motive of leveraging automation smart bidding is making it profitable bidding.

How to increase profit by using automated bidding

To get more profit through your PPC campaign.

  1. Include automated bidding in your strategy. It has over 60 signals to manage bids. Also, these are not accessible by advertisers.
  2. Also, implement rules and scripts. This is a powerful way of leveraging automation.
  3. Utilize the time-saving workflows tools.

Don’t: engage in nagging remarketing. 

Do: engage in consensual conversations. 

Engage in nagging remarketing  

One of the everyday things in marketing is following the person who visited your website but didn’t make a purchase. Remarketing targets the audience that engages with your site.

Now visitors that use the website constantly receive pop up ads all-around their web. So bringing the customer into the website isn’t enough.

Engage in consensual conversations

Users that connect with you in a purposeful way have a high chance to convert into your customers. You have to follow the rule to increase PPC campaign conversation.

  1. Keep an email subscription box on your landing page.
  2. Use first-party data to build your customer because it works better than website visitors.


Here we discuss 3 PPC strategies that no longer work and what can be done instead of following those strategies. We can’t use the old strategy to be comfortable, and we have to start using the new techniques for brand development.

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