7 Tips To Prevent Our Children From Bullying


The most recent studies continue to reveal that the majority of children will experience or witness some form of bullying in some form during their school years, be it physical, verbal or emotional, and for very different reasons.

Schools are actively working to prevent this phenomenon. Well, as parents and caregivers we have a fundamental role in the fight against bullying. Therefore, from The English Montessori School (TEMS), they give us some guidelines at the level of prevention to prevent children and young people from exercising any practice that deliberately hurts other people:

  • 1. Listen to what our children tell us . This will help us detect lack of empathy on your part or possible conflicts with colleagues.
  • 2. Give them guidelines for behavior with others . On many occasions, children do not know when they cross a line, nor are they clear about how they should behave with other people. Therefore, we must help them to differentiate the limits and teach them to be kind and respectful.
  • 3. Guide them so that they know how to resolve conflicts . It is normal for children to have arguments or fights, even among friends. Therefore, we must teach them to resolve conflicts and “make amends” for themselves. In the same way, it is necessary to explain the value of true friendship to them so that they are not unpleasant or manipulative with other people.
  • 4. Educate them in the values ​​of empathy, respect and diversity . Sometimes children focus on aspects of other people that they feel are different. Therefore, we must work to educate them in an inclusive society.
  • 5. Help them to recognize and confront injustices . It is important that they understand that there are inequalities and prejudices that should not determine their way of acting.
  • 6. Pay close attention to our own attitudes and comments . Everything that children see or hear affects them greatly. Therefore, we have to be very aware of our own comments, jokes or attitudes.
  • 7. Instill confidence in themselves . It is essential that children feel safe and valued from a very young age. If we show them our continuous support, they will know better how to deal with all kinds of situations and it will be clear that their behavior also involves other people.

For some children it may be more difficult than for others to regulate their behavior. Some, on the other hand, will be intimidating simply because they face difficult situations themselves. In these cases, extra emotional support will be needed, which will probably come from the educational center where they study.

In any case, to avoid any situation of ‘bullying’, it is important that parents and teachers accept their individual role. To prevent many children and young people from suffering it, it is essential to educate so that no one exercises it.

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