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As HMO properties are gaining popularity among the investors, these are also becoming quite famous among the tenants. It is a great situation, where the demand and supply both are on the rise. This leads to cutthroat competition in an HMO market; everyone wants to get the best. The investors want to get the perfect property, the landlords want to get high-paying tenants, and the tenants wish to get affordable yet appealing HMOs.

To fulfill the goals, each party is playing its part. Landlords want to facilitate the best apartments and get an edge over the others in a similar location. For this, they look for creative HMO Property Designs that can attract tenants. One such design idea is either to have a bigger bedroom or install an en suite.

Bigger Bedrooms

Every landlord wants to have a bigger and more number of bedrooms with dual beds in the HMO. In a house of multiple occupation, where there are multiple rooms for different tenants, bigger bedrooms may not be possible. However, you also need to consider the tenant type here. If you want students in your apartment, then you skip the idea of bigger bedrooms.

The regular size of the bedroom may work fine. But if your target is professionals, then the bigger the bedroom, the better it is. You don’t know how much it will increase your monthly rental yield. So if you do some conversion here, such as converting the reception room to a bigger bedroom, there will be no harm instead more revenue.

Installing En Suite Bedroom

En suite is an attached bathroom to the bedroom. Many professional tenants nowadays, prefer intimacy which you can ensure by providing an en suite bedroom. Remember, an attached bathroom’s rent is always higher than a bedroom. Therefore, it will be a great idea to install an en suite.

However, it will only be possible if there is enough space available. You should not compromise the space of bedrooms to go for this luxury. Your apartments will still get rented well if they are well-maintained.

Besides, it is common in HMOs to share a bathroom facility, and most of the tenants don’t mind it. But if there is an ample amount of area available, then there is nothing wrong with installing an en suite.

Bigger Bedroom VS En Suite Bedroom- Which One To Prefer

You can choose any option based on the following things:

  • Available Space: If space is only 10 square meters, you cannot have an en suite bedroom; rather, you can have a larger bedroom because the standard room in HMO is six and a half square meters.
  • Location: If your HMO is located in an area where most of the renting apartments have en suites installed, then you must get it too.
  • Budget: There is enough space, and you have a budget to spend on installing the en suite, go for it.
  • Tenant Type: If your target tenant types are locals or students, then you might not need to install an en suite.

Now you know when you can install an en suite. Remember that if you couldn’t have bigger bedrooms or en suites, you can still get more rents by keeping your HMO up-to-date and renovated concludes HMO Property Designs.

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