Mini Deposit Rental Industry Grew 25% Due To Internet Sales


During the months of quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for storage in mini warehouses increased throughout the world and in Panama. Panama is being part of this trend, although the service is still little known. The trend will continue to increase in late 2020 and for years to come.

David Naimark, CEO of Mega Storage, assured that during the COVID-19 quarantine there was a growth in the mini-deposit rental industry of 25% throughout the country compared to the previous year, according to estimates.

David Naimark explains that the storage service in mini warehouses during the quarantine was and continues to be a great ally for families, individuals, merchants, entrepreneurs, and even multinational companies, making the spaces in their homes more efficient, and their spaces more dynamic. Businesses, being able to save their goods and / or market them during these times of great change, at the lowest cost, safely and efficiently.

Both individuals and their families in their homes, as well as companies of all kinds such as distributors, retailers, construction, marketing, sales of medical supplies, e-commerce, among others, were and continue to be benefited with our services, being able to adapt to the new realities of staying at home, telecommuting, internet sales and e-commerce.

Mega Storage mini warehouses have spaces from 1 to 30 square meters, and can be rented from 1 month onwards, with no restrictions on the length of stay and with the flexibility to increase or decrease the space at any time.

These two conditions, flexibility in the rental time, and small and adaptable spaces, differentiate the industry from the traditional storage industry, which generally requires stays of more than one year, and spaces of 500 square meters onwards, with very little flexibility. .

The increase in demand for mini warehouses in Panama and the world is due to a wide range of factors that have required people to adapt in their homes and companies, and which has been accentuated during the COVID-19 outbreak:

With the quarantine, people moved to work in their homes, and created teleworking spaces, seeing the need to temporarily store surplus furniture or belongings to accommodate this new reality.

People moved to smaller apartments or houses, or temporarily consolidated with family or friends to reduce expenses, and needed a safe, affordable and reliable home for their excess belongings, while their situation was resolved, a trend that continues.

“On the other hand, companies had to transform their sales and product distribution models due to the temporary closure indicated by the Government: they have had to depend less on sales in face-to-face branches and accelerate their transformation to digital sales to survive and transcend, and the mini warehouse service solves the storage of inventory in the most cost-efficient way to deliver it to their customers ”.

This is a change that will be consolidated to stay, as it is a much cheaper option for merchants who have organized their digital commerce, and who have chosen to reduce their physical display as much as possible, or in many cases, eliminate it entirely “.

“And we have seen during the quarantine, how many entrepreneurs have increased their sales by electronic means and the use of Mega Storage as a storage and distribution center for their merchandise, being able to run their business in a totally virtual way. They use the different branches of mini warehouses that cover the entire city of Panama to serve their customers. “

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