Tigo Business Supports Companies To Carry Out Their Digital Transformation


A solution for each business, that is the promise with which Tigo Business is seeking to become the ideal partner for those who want to advance in the digital transformation of their businesses, something vital at a time like the one imposed on us by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID -19), where reducing physical contact with other people, connectivity and automation of business processes is a must.

Faced with this reality, Capital Financiero spoke with engineer Álvaro Aguilar Cabello , manager of B2B Sales Engineering (business-to-business for its acronym in English) of Tigo Business who explained how the COVID-19 pandemic has driven the digital transformation of companies in our country and the characteristics of the current demand for services necessary to respond to the challenge that all this poses.

The data does not lie, Aguilar Cabello maintains that the majority of medium and large national companies, including multinational corporations and government institutions, have accelerated their path to digitization and automation of their processes by 200%.

But the good news is that companies no longer have to invest in technology to meet their connectivity and data storage requirements since these services can now be contracted on demand, that is, you can pay exactly for the capacity that is requires and scale that capability as business operations grow.

It is a service designed to measure, but which also offers us the security of being a company that has the most relevant standardized certifications in the market, being the leader with 12 data centers at the regional level and 3 at the national level, which They are among the most advanced in the region.

Álvaro Aguilar Cabello, Manager of B2B Sales Engineering at Tigo Busines

  • What impact has the COVID-19 pandemic had on the way Panamanian companies do business?
    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed us all, but in terms of digital transformation what has happened is that it has accelerated the digital transformation of companies and this is something that in Tigo Business we are experiencing very closely because precisely the services that we offer, focus on providing connectivity through the digital highways that we have developed both regionally and in Panama so that people and companies can work and do business, which has become critical for economic development.

Most of the medium and large national companies, multinational corporations and government institutions, have accelerated by 200% their path to digitization and automation of their processes. We have many examples of this, and we have helped our clients face the acceleration of their innovation processes, digitization of their businesses and in the mobility of their staff.

For example, we have some supermarket chains that have adopted this new reality and changed the way they serve their customers, since traditionally people went to supermarkets to make their purchases, but that changed in March, forcing these companies to develop new sales channels such as call centers and online stores, and start delivering products to their customers’ homes, something that was unthinkable before the COVID-19 pandemic, but thanks to the fact that the connectivity and tools are available to everyone today and it has been successful.

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