Goodman Offers An Investment Of 550 Million For Nissan Barcelona


The Australian real estate agency Goodman has presented to the Nissan Reindustrialization Commission a project for the reconversion of the land of the Nissan plants in the Zona Franca and Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona) for which it foresees a “potential investment” of 550 million euros. euros and the creation of 3,200 jobs through spaces for logistics, industrial activity and data centers.

Goodman is committed to “actively participating” in creating quality jobs, maintaining employment in the area, facilitating training and promoting employment among logistics, industrial and data center companies that will operate in the new facilities, also ensuring a positive impact on the environment, has stated in a statement.

But this side of the offer has a cross: The proposal is that of an empty shell that would have to be filled with companies that have not yet been identified, and the deadlines for the construction and adaptation works for the tenants of the new complex would be longer than one year, leaving current Nissan workers out of work for a long period.

Project details
In the logistics field, which corresponds to the calculation of 3,200 jobs, the project proposes the development of “avant-garde” facilities for logistics and urban distribution in the Free Trade Zone, responding to the need for modern platforms close to the city of Barcelona. The plan also includes the development of flexible spaces, as well as data centers that will reinforce Barcelona’s position as a reference city in the field of Industry 4.0.

To attract new industrial activity, Goodman proposes flexible solutions, and for the Montcada land it also offers a combination of industry and logistics.

In addition, new public spaces would be created in the Free Trade Zone for the use and enjoyment of all citizens; new green areas, including an ecological urban garden, while a large part of the land would be used for services, such as restaurants, sports facilities and leisure areas.

Environmental respect
As a first step, Goodman will ensure that the materials extracted during the deconstruction and development process of the site are recovered: recycled and reused locally.

Emissions and the environmental impact of development will also be minimized. Goodman will go beyond carbon reduction and will also offset carbon emissions that cannot be avoided, in order to achieve net zero emissions construction.

Likewise, the project will allow future occupants to make an emission-free use, thanks to the use of renewable energy in situ (15.2MW of photovoltaic panels), the commitment to energy efficiency and the promotion of green mobility.

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