Posts on Social Networks Have Increased Alot in 2020


Brands have been using influencers for years to promote their products. In Spain, this business moves more than 100 million euros, according to the latest reports . However, until now, neither the regulatory associations nor the Government itself had established criteria to determine when and how the advertising actions of brands should be identified with the collaboration of these well-known figures.

Now, the new regulations require the viewer to be made clear that content disseminated by any of these influencers is of an advertising nature and recommends a series of generic indications. Among them, it recovers the solution that was already included in the previous Law on Services of the Information Society.

such as the indication “advertising” or “publi”. However, the new regulations add other figures of the type “sponsored by”, “in collaboration with”, or identify themselves as “brand ambassador X”. In addition, it provides acknowledgments such as “thanks to (brand)”, or indications that there is a previous gift from the promoted company, with statements such as “gift of (brand)” or ”

According to the new code, the use of these informative indications , as stated in its rule 5.c, must be maintained or added when the influencer shares that content on other networks or platforms. Advertisers and Autocontrol recommend taking into account the indications included in the annex to the text, which refer to examples of the location of this information depending on the type of platform used by the influencer .

Thus, for example, in blogs or posts on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, it recommends including the word in the title. On Twitter, ask to include the word as a tag . In a video blog or on YouTube, he is committed to superimposing the chosen identification label while commenting on the product or service and indicating it out loud before talking about the promoted product.


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