Netflix Release Date And Trailer Of Charm Part 3


We already have a release date for the long-awaited follow-up to (Dis) enchantment, the popular Netflix series from The Simpsons creator Matt Groening.

With the arrival of Christmas, Netflix has accelerated the presentation of new series and movies, to the point that there are no spaces for all of them. He has preferred to leave the titles with a Christmas atmosphere or more typical of the holidays for these dates , and release others shortly after, such as season 3 of (Dis) charm.

It’s not really proper to call it season 3, because (Un) enchantment is a single and huge chapter that for now lasts more than 10 hours. Indeed, each chapter picks up exactly where the previous one left off and there’s a single major arc with hardly any independent episodes. It looks like a single movie cut into half-hour chunks.

That’s why Netflix calls it, very aptly, (Dis) charm Part 3 , and it will be released in just a month, on January 15 . Here you can see the official trailer in Spanish:

(Dis) enchantment is a medieval fantasy series created by Matt Groening . It takes place in the kingdom of Utopia and tells the adventures of Bean, a rebellious and alcoholic princess who travels through the kingdom in the company of an Elf and a demon named Luci.

As is usual with Matt Groening series, use animation and comedy to deal with adult issues such as alcoholism, the pressure of pleasing your parents and the society where you live, the corruption of power or inequality. The series has an age rating for ages 16 and over.

The first two parts of (Dis) charm have been very well received by critics, and are among the most viewed on Netflix. Matt Groening never fails. At least for the first 10 seasons, which is just when The Simpsons should have been canceled …

Personal opinions aside, if you like quality adult animation and Groening’s kind of humor, (Dis) charm is one of those series you should add to your Netflix list. Remember, (Un) enchantment Part 3 will premiere on January 15 on Netflix.

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