Supposed List Of Games That Epic Games Going Away This Christmas


Epic Games wants this Christmas to be epic and in its own way, that’s why it is giving away up to 15 games. The free games festival kicks off tomorrow, Thursday, December 17, and will run until December 31.

A total of 15 games, one per day, until the last day of the year. It is the great surprise of Epic Games. And these are not little-known games, but on the list you can read some titles that have been best sellers and others that have just been launched. The list seems too ambitious to be true …

Epic Games wants to close this year in which it has been known more for its court battle with Apple, than for its games. Ever since it took on Apple, Epic Games has made headlines every step of the way. Their pressure got results and Apple lowered the percentage of commissions in the App Store , but Fornite is still out of the App Store .

The creator of Fortnite wants to make a special end of the year and what better way to do it than by offering these 15 games for free . The list is not official, but it is about leaks that have appeared on Twitter:

The games will be free to download on the Epic Games Store and each of them will remain on sale for 24 hours until the next one comes out. Once we download it, it will be ours forever.

From Epic Games they also comment that during these days, not only will there be free games, but we will also find great discounts on several well-known titles. In fact, if we go to the Epic Games Store right now we see that there are several games to download for free and some with discounts.

As we have seen in the table, which is unconfirmed by the Epic Games Store, not only will games created by Epic be given away, but we also have games from Ubisoft, CD Projekt Red, Electronics Art, etc. The list is not official , but they could coincide with some of the games that Epic Games will finally give away during those 15 days.

We recommend downloading the games from the Epic Games Store official website , since during those days false links or scam and phishing attempts may arise to steal our user data and banking information.

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