How to Make This Mother’s Day Unique


Mother’s Day is just around the corner. That means it’s the time of year where we stress over the perfect gift to show our appreciation to our mothers, only to inevitably go for a typical bunch of flowers or afternoon tea.

Flowers may be your one of your first thoughts for a small token of your love on Mother’s Day. However, it can often be tricky finding a special bouquet if you are shopping close to the day to preserve the freshness, as you are stuck with the flowers that were the last choice of supermarket shoppers.

Make this year the year you give something different to your mother. To help you with planning that special day on 27th March, we have gathered some ideas that aren’t your typical choice.

Attend a flower-arranging workshop together

The gift of a bouquet never goes unwelcomed, but perhaps a flower arranging workshop will brighten up your mum’s day even more by spending the day together whilst still gifting her the floral element. This way, you have a much wider option of flower combinations to create a beautiful bouquet and can spend time together too. You could make arrangements for your mum whilst she spends the time to create one for Grandma – or even simply make the bouquets as a gift for each other.

Plan a picnic in the park

Although winter nights getting wrapped up can be cosy, it’s always exciting to know that spring isn’t far away, and we will soon be spending more time outdoors. As spring begins just a week before Mother’s Day, it could be an idea to make the most of days becoming warmer and nights becoming lighter.

Plan a picnic in the park for you and your mum, or even for the rest of your family, with all her favourite snacks (and maybe just a bit of wine): a selection of cheese, hams, not forgetting the olives. Or, if this isn’t normally a go-to, bring the afternoon tea element to the picnic by making a variety of sandwiches – if you’re exceptionally good at baking, perhaps bake some cakes instead of heading down to your local supermarket. Don’t forget to pack up your snacks in a picnic basket, along with some blankets to make sure that you’re comfortable whilst you indulge in some treats. You could even try to choose a spot surrounded by flower beds to make sure you can give the floral element without the usual gifting of a bouquet.

Visit an exhibition

Exhibitions are a fun trip out, and there’s always something exciting no matter what you’re looking for – whether that be fashion, art, or history.

Research into what’s going on in your local area, even if you just plan a day to go to a museum near you. If something you fancy seeing is further afield, you could create an itinerary to do some other activities, such as shopping and going for lunch. Why not go all out and plan an alternative weekend to Mother’s Day to give your mum something to look forward to after the day itself is over?

Attend a pottery class

Everyone has their favourite mugs in their cupboard that we have an attachment to, no matter how stained it is from the many cups of tea. Why not add to the collection and make mother and daughter or son mugs at a pottery class?

If you’re a crafty pair, you could even bring out your artistic side by bringing out the paints at home and adding some colourful patterns and drawings to your mugs for an extra activity. Finish the day off by watching Mum’s favourite film with a hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows in your new mug. Even if the weather isn’t on your side this Mother’s Day, you can still do something different to celebrate and save something outdoors for another day.

Whatever you plan for Mother’s Day this year, it’s always special to look back on our memories, even if you stay at home and relax. To remember the day in the future, and to of course add some more fun into the day, make sure you take lots of photos! You could get them professionally printed so that you can spend another day together making a scrapbook of your Mother’s Day 2022 – save your remaining blank pages for memorable days in the future that you can look back on together!


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