4 Amazing Gift Ideas for Your Minimalist Valentine


‘Love is in the air hmmm hmm’. It really is, isn’t it? When the air starts smelling all flowery and the winter cold recedes, everyone knows the season of love is around the corner. And who isn’t excited to have a Valentine date. But, have you thought of what to gift your girlfriend? We have some suggestions for you.

If your girlfriend is a lover of minimal goods, this is the blog for you. And if not, well you can always start by gifting her something minimalistic. Believe me, she will love you a little extra! Minimalistic choices in clothes, household items, have seen a rise in the past 2 years. There isn’t any woman who would not like it if you gift something elegant and simple. So why not take this trend as a part of your Valentine’s Day gift? There is a wide range of minimalist products available in the market. From minimalist earrings, clothes, necklaces, bedroom products, bathroom products, there is a lot to choose from. Surely, it can get a bit confusing. But hey, why are we here? Our gifting ideas will be perfect for your sweet lover!

What Can You Gift Your Minimalist Girlfriend?

Dainty Earrings

The minimalist fashion trend took the world by storm each time it got reintroduced in-season trends. Among all these evolving fashion styles, minimalist earrings and thin chains have remained. It is an integral part of any minimalist lover’s dressing. If your girlfriend is fond of such iconic pieces, get her good old petite bar studs or sphere bar studs. It will elevate any of her outfits. 

 Have you seen Sarah Jessica Parker, ruling over New York City with her small stud earrings and white shirts? That’s the look we are fawning over. When you gift your girlfriend these beautiful earrings, she will be the happiest Valentine.

Shirts Go All the Way

If you are thinking of gifting something iconic, go for shirts. Minimalism fashion trends always had shirts as the top-hit. A plain white or black shirt can never be undermined. It is perfect for an afternoon/evening date, work meeting, etc. Your girlfriend can use it in different ways. With the shirt, minimalist silver earrings will be a great fit.

Since summer is near, you will be able to find great pastel-colored shirts in shops. Women like these pastel shades and your partner will too. Once she matches it with hoops or studs, it is a ‘worship-the-diva’ time for you. There are many ways she can style minimalist earrings to complete the look. A gifted shirt will surely make your Valentine feel special!

Handmade Ceramic Shana Menorah

Handmade Menorahs make every bedroom, a little more romantic. This Valentine, get your girlfriend this minimalistic home decoration item. The way it bends and arches in different ways, as per your requirement, is beautiful. There is no way a woman won’t love this elegant and simple menorah. It will accentuate the entire room and once the candles are lit, it becomes a bright glowy room. Get this one for a minimalist girlfriend and she is bound to fall for it.

Pond Mirror

Women are usually fond of unique art pieces. They like to keep it as a part of their interior living spaces. More so, minimalistic lovers will love iconic art pieces. If your girlfriend is one of them, gift her a beautiful Pond mirror. These unique mirrors are available in different organic shapes. It will be a great addition to her living or bedroom area. A great match for a minimalistic soul, for sure!

Interior decorators have also given this kind of mirror a thumps-up. It really uplifts the look of an apartment. So, on Valentine’s Day, surprise your girlfriend with this mirror and watch how her face lights up.

Minimalism makes sure that your style and living are not uncomfortable for the pockets. And yet it makes you stand out from the crowd. Your girlfriend is special so why not make her feel special this Valentine’s? Check out our gift ideas and gift her one of these. When she receives your gift, you are sure to get all the affection!

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