Why an Extended Car Warranty Is a Great Option?


Buying a car is one of the best feelings that every grown man can agree on. The feeling of visiting the dealer and buying your first car all by yourself, discussing the rejoicing and feature of the vehicle, and struggling to find the one that suits your needs is something that cannot be explained but can only be experienced. But it is also good to know that buying a car isn’t as easy as it sounds like because there are plenty of things to do before getting the keys in your hands. When you are about to sign the contract then there is one thing that should be taking keen interest which is the extended car warranty plans.

Buying the car isn’t limited to signing the contract only because there will be costs related to repairs that can cost huge depending on the vehicle type and brand and you may haven’t thought about it. Opting for extended warranties for your car will give you peace of mind that you will not have to worry about the costly repairs and other breakdowns of your vehicle that can potentially cost huge. However, apart from the security from the costly repairs, extended car warranty plans can provide you further benefits as well. However, the important part of getting the most out of the extended warranty is the fact that you should b getting it from the right service provider to make sure that you will be provided with the right information and advantages but first understand what is extended warranty is.

What Is Extended Car Warranty?

Usually, the new car from the dealership comes with the manufacturer’s warranty and that will be offered to by the makers of the vehicle. This coverage will also protect your vehicle from costly repairs caused by any damaged components and wear and tear caused by any external factors. However, the factory warranties often come with the restriction and the duration of the warranty will be much shorter. This is where the extended warranties come in handy. These are also some protection that offers the same coverage from damages. But you should know that this warranty is also known as the vehicle service contract. These are the contracts that are service agreements between the service providers and the vehicle owners to cover the repair costs that can be caused by any unexpected breakdowns or any other issues that will not be covered in the regular insurance coverage.

Vehicle service contracts can be purchased at any time while you own the vehicle from any service provider such as Chaiz.com. You can also get the extended car warranty plans from the dealers and you will need to get them right before the original factory coverage expires. Many vehicle service contracts can provide extra perks, such as some will provide roadside assistance when you will opt for any service plan or get the elite plan from thee providers. Some service providers can offer repair cost coverage, such as Chaiz, which can offer you cover more than $3000 in their yearly maintenance coverage plans.

Why Coverage Extended Is Worth It?

For several reasons the extended Car Warranties are a great choice for any vehicle owner and here is how it can help you.

Great Damage Coverage

Though not all vehicle service contracts can provide you a complete coverage compared to the bumper to bumper warranty from the factory because it has a short duration the extended warranty can then provide you benefit that it cannot such as the unlimited coverage for the damages that your vehicle can get. This means that you will have great peace of mind throughout the year while owning the vehicle that you will not have to pay for any repair costs and even for regular maintenance charges. This is especially beneficial when you have a vehicle that is notorious for being an unstable vehicle and you don’t want to get in trouble while driving it.

Repair Anywhere

Another huge advantage of owning an extended car warranty is that you will not have any limitations to visiting a specific repair shop. Though it depends on your service provider most of the extended warranty service providers will not put any restrictions on visiting a specific dealer. You can visit any licensed dealer and repair facility every time your vehicle needs to be repaired without having to worry about voiding your coverage.

Customize Budget Plans

People often avoid extended car warranty plans because they believe it will add extra expenses to their warranty plans but the thing is it can fit within your budget and can be chosen according to your requirements. Most of the basic expanded warranty plans offer affordable monthly charges while the further premium security plans can offer you a much broader coverage for the critical component repairs such as AC, brakes, and steering.

However, if you want extensive coverage, there are protection plans that provide you protection for a large number of components with a little exception. They can offer you coverage for the smaller electric components, suspension, sales and gasket, turbo, or superchargers that aren’t usually included in most basic plans. If you own a vehicle with high mileage then the premium plans will help cover such a vehicle with up to 150,000 miles.

Regular maintenance Coverage

Some of the extended car warranty plans are even helpful in covering the cost of the essential maintenance while covering the breakdown repairs as well. With these protection plans, you can have peace of mind that you are covered for the cost of repairs while receiving charges for regular maintenance. This also means you can have the essential repair charges such as oil change and oil filter change up to 3 times, engine diagnostic exams, tire rotations, and more that won’t cost you huge.

These powertrain warranty and car warranty plans also offer some one-time services such as brake pad repair, shoe replacements, maintenance of the cooling system, and other parts to keep your car in running condition for longer. Just make sure to get in touch with experienced service providers such as Chaiz to get the best coverage plan for your vehicle without a doubt.

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