5 Iconic Engagement Rings That Will Inspire You to Go for Something a Bit Different


Engagement rings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From traditional diamonds to sparkling sapphires, in a variety of settings and styles, the options are limitless! Of course, the charm and elegance of traditional engagement ring styles is undeniable. However, there are some truly unusual options out there, and some historical examples that stand out from the crowd.

According to Neil Dutta of engagement ring retailer, Angelic Diamonds, unique engagement rings are a wonderful option. He says, “Our customers often come to us on the hunt for something a little different; something that is unique yet still full of romantic symbolism.”

With unusual styles on the rise, we’re diving into the dazzling world of unique engagement rings. Today, we’re taking a trip back through history to fawn over some iconic and unusual engagement rings worn by the rich and famous.

Princess Diana’s sapphire cluster ring

There are few engagement rings more iconic than the sapphire and diamond cluster ring first worn by Princess Diana. Later, it would be given to Kate Middleton. The ring consists of a cluster style setting, featuring a blue Ceylon sapphire surrounded by fourteen diamonds. The large ring is certainly eye-catching, and if you’re looking for an engagement ring with a pop of colour, a sapphire and diamond cluster is a great option. This particular piece was chosen by Diana herself and then passed down to her son, Prince William.

Queen Victoria’s serpent wrap

Queen Victoria is a true trendsetter when it comes to wedding traditions. Her husband, Prince Albert, gifted her with an 18-carat gold serpent wrap engagement ring adorned in rubies, diamonds, and a spectacular emerald. In ancient Rome, the serpent symbolised everlasting love, and, indeed, Albert and Victoria’s unity is an example of the perfect marriage. During the wedding ceremony, Queen Victoria wore a white dress, a wreath, and a five-meter-long veil, which contrasted with the royal tradition. If you’re looking for an alternative ring, go for one embedded with a sacred symbol and dazzling diamonds, such as the serpent.

Katy Perry’s flower power

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom got engaged on the most special celebration of all – Valentine’s Day. That’s probably why her iconic engagement ring has love and sentiment written all over it. The ring features a padparadscha sapphire surrounded by diamonds to recreate the shape of a blooming flower in pinkish-orange hues. The ring perfectly matches the star’s extravagant style, and there has been speculation that it’s a replica of Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring featuring a rare sapphire. For a blossoming marriage, look for a flower-shaped ring accented with bright-coloured diamonds.

Jennifer Lopez’s dazzling diamonds

Jennifer Lopez has received an array of dazzling engagement rings worthy of fashion history. Two particular rings stand out. First is the stunning 6.10-carat radiant-cut pink diamond engagement ring presented to her by Ben Affleck in 2002. Second is the showstopping 15-carat emerald-cut diamond ring from Alex Rodriguez in 2019. The latter is believed to have cost between $1 million to $3 million. Get one of these fabulous looks by exploring geometric emerald-cut diamonds or venturing into the realms of coloured diamonds for a bold twist.  

Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ iconic twist ring

Combining diamonds and gemstones is a sure way to make sure your engagement ring has an impact. In the case of the ring given to Jacqueline Lee Bouvier from former president John F. Kennedy, diamonds and emeralds were a winning combination. This ring featured a 2.84-carat emerald paired with a 2.87-carat diamond, complemented by leaf decoration and a yellow gold band.  

Jackie was first gifted the ring in 1953 but there aren’t many photos showing her wearing it. In 1961 she decided to redesign it just in time for the renovation of the White House. The new design featured fancier marquise shape diamonds in place of the sleek baguettes. The new gems resemble a laurel wreath surrounding the two main stones. The other half of the band is covered in round diamonds. To replicate this stunning look, take a look at twist-style rings, and don’t be afraid to go for brightly coloured gems as well as diamonds!

Each one of these incredible engagement rings is as iconic as the last. Let this range of statement engagement rings encourage you to explore something more unusual.








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