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Diamond Interiors present their step-by-step guide on how to prepare and execute your perfect office relocation.

A relocation can be the perfect opportunity to have a fresh start for your office and maybe even your business, taking the opportunity to fill your new space with both aesthetically pleasing and also functional furniture and features. Despite the exciting future you may have ahead, meticulous planning and organisation is required to make sure it is as stress-free as possible and avoid disruption to business operations.

Here at Diamond Interiors, you could say that office relocation is our bag. We’ve been helping companies with the big move for more than 20 years, enabling a smooth transition from start to finish. When paired with our office refurbishment service, you’ll have everything you need to inject some life into your workspace – which is surely what every business owner strives for. Whatever the reason for your relocation – whether it’s the immediate impact of a rebranding, an expanding team, or even if you’re keen to downsize to make better use of available space – we’re here to ensure a seamless process. In this complete guide to office relocation, you’ll find everything you need to see you through the full transition. 

When should you start planning your office relocation?

First things first, how far in advance should you be planning your office move? Ultimately, this will depend on the project’s scale, with larger projects generally requiring more preparation than smaller ones. However, a general formula to follow is to plan 12 months in advance for a 10,000 square foot project; for a 5,000 square foot project, we recommend you plan 6 months in advance. Just remember that it’s always better to be overprepared, rather than risking making rash, last-minute decisions, which could make your office relocation more rocky seas than smooth sailing. 

Your office relocation checklist

Need a hand getting both yourself and your team on track for the big office move? Tick off these key factors as you go along! 

Over 12 months before the moving date 

  • Terminate your current lease 
  • Nominate a project leader
  • Prepare internal team
  • Establish relocation objectives
  • Design a workplace strategy
  • Partner with an office relocation company
  • Define space requirements
  • Set budgets and costs

12-9 months before the moving date

  • Find your new workspace
  • Survey site 
  • Ensure all paperwork is signed 

9-6 months before the moving date

  • Find an office relocation and design company 
  • Decide on furniture and decor 
  • Communicate move with stakeholders 
  • Ensure departments are kept up to date

3-6 months before the moving date

  • Set your moving date in stone 
  • Establish your planning team 

2-3 months before the moving date

  • Create a list of everyone that needs to be notified of the new office address 
  • Allocate desk space to each employee
  • Book cleaning service to deep clean both your current and new office 

4 weeks before moving day

  • Create detailed plan for moving day for your staff 
  • Make a list of emergency contact numbers 

2-3 weeks before moving day

  • Confirm removal company
  • Organise food and drink delivery to new office
  • Confirm internet, phone lines and bills will all be in place when you arrive
  • Set up post and phone call forwarding

One week before the moving date

  • Delegate tasks to moving team to oversee packing process
  • Share moving packs with each employee
  • Organise and pack current office furniture 
  • Label and colour code moving boxes 
  • Remind staff to collect personal belongings
  • Designate employees to be at the new office on moving day 

Moving day

  • Have budget set aside for refreshments for moving team 
  • Ensure tech equipment is moved and installed 
  • Have people organise furniture in the new office, based on the floor plan 
  • Hand out keys and fobs for new office 
  • Remind staff not to turn up at the old office 


  • Update website information
  • Check furniture 
  • Make sure previous deposit has been refunded 
  • Send back keys, fobs and passes to old office 
  • Celebrate! 

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