What Should I Do If The Frenulum Of My Penis Breaks?


We all know that the genital area is delicate, and one of the most serious accidents that a man can suffer in it is a frenulum tear . This is something that is not very common, but not excessively rare, and it is not necessarily associated with overly adventurous or extravagant practices.

Bridle tear can happen during sex or during masturbation and risk is significantly higher in men who have short frenulum or pierced with piercing . When it happens, it bleeds profusely and is painful . In this situation, it is best to press the wound with your fingers to try to stop the bleeding and go to the emergency room.

Once under the eye of the health workers, the first thing they will probably do is wash and disinfect the wound to evaluate the most appropriate procedure. If the tear is not complete, it is common to perform a frenuloplasty: finish what nature has started. This is not always the case, however: sometimes the urologist may decide to let it heal, if the bleeding has stopped.

It should be noted that frenuloplasty is different from circumcision (the section of the foreskin) since in this case the foreskin is left intact, and the surgery only affects the frenulum.

Likewise, if the frenulum tear has been complete, the frenuloplasty is usually not necessary , so you can move on to the next step: let the wound rest and heal.

And this is not an easy stage. The healing, being a humid area, is slow, and it is common for erections to cause pain and even reopen the wound. Naturally, the ideal is not to practice sexual intercourse or masturbate until the injury is properly healed.

The good news is that, once this bump is overcome, the frenulum tear should not harm your sex life in any way : it does not diminish pleasure, it is not aesthetically striking, nor does it decrease libido. In fact, if the patient had the frenulum too short in the beginning and has had a frenuloplasty or the tear has been complete, it could even eliminate some discomfort.

Be that as it may, prevention is always better than cure. For this reason, if you experience discomfort in the frenulum when having sex or masturbating, it is advisable to try using lubricants; If, despite this, there is still pain or tightness, it is best to consult a urologist who will probably perform the frenuloplasty to avoid further damage.

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