Who is an Optometrist?


The word optometrist is derived from the term optometry. An optometrist is a medical practitioner who is generally engaged with the tasks like examination of eyes, detecting the visionary problems faced by the patient. An optometrist also holds the right to prescribe effective measures that a patient suffering from eye disease can perform to get rid of the problem they are facing. To be very clear, an optometrist is an OD, or in other words, a doctor of optometry. an optometrist also advises you on your life choices to ensure good vision.

Optometrists are also trained to a large extent:

Unlike ophthalmologists, optometrists are trained on the basis that they can only detect the problem of the eye of their patient but cannot diagnosis the disease. When an optometrist is done detecting the problem, he can refer his patient to the ophthalmologist, who is specialized in treating diseases related to the eyes.

Optometry schools in Australia and what kind of programs they provide:

The optometry schools in Australia provides a four-year program for becoming a Doctor of Optometry that has extraordinary experiences in the clinical optometry program.

In the vast world of health care science, we have discovered many innumerable departments related to the different parts of the human body. But, there are many other departments in medical science that needs much more specializations and are relatively less competitive, as an optometrist.

As the primary detection of problems in the field of eyes, they are firstly examined by the optometrist. Their job role mainly depends on the following factors-

  • Detecting any kind of injury in the optical nerves
  • Examining symptoms of injury related to the eyes
  • Defects in the vision
  • Predicting or calculating the visionary tests
  • Detecting the ocular diseases
  • Examining the abnormality faced by the patient of any age that is directly or indirectly related to the eyes
  • Diagnosis on high blood pressure and diabetic status of the patient that can affect the eyes.

In multiple countries, now advanced research is going on in optometry, and there are rigorous methods to test eyes, advice newer technology that can treat eye-related problems and different codes that are related to vision care. The knowledge and skills related to optometry are very important for an optometrist, as the wrong diagnosis of diseases can ultimately lead to the loss of eye vision of the patient.

There are mainly four kinds of degrees in the optometry department, namely-

  1. OphthalmologistOphthalmologists are specialized medical persons that mainly deal with the treatment of eyes that is related to the operations on eyes and perform specific surgeries of the eyes. As the ophthalmologists are specialized and qualified in the surgeries of the eyes, the department of optometry is headed by them.
  2. Advisory opticianAdvisory optician plays a great role in the department of optometry, as they advise on the supply of eyeglasses and the frames. They are required to specifically study the background, occupation, and needs of a patient and advice on the needed lenses and powers.
  3. OrthoptistProblems like amblyopia, strabismus, and diplopia are mainly treated by orthoptists. They work on the movement of the eyes and problems related to it.
  4. OMPs or ophthalmic medical practitionerOMPs are the postgraduate medical personnel who work exactly the same as the optometrist. The only difference between the optometrists and ophthalmic medical practitioners is that the OMPs perform the medical examinations only after undergoing the postgraduate degree in optometry.

It is always important to choose an optometrist after you are sure of the exact complications that you face for your eyes. Comprehensive eye care and testing solution units are coming up in different parts of any city and it is always better to go for a registered and experienced optometrist.

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