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The beginning of the British game season is just a few weeks away (12th August), and no other seasonal ingredients arrives with quite the bang that grouse does. Whether your taste is traditional or modern, here are our picks of the best London restaurants for grouse and game this year

Aquavit London, St James’s Market 

This August, Aquavit London will be upping its grouse game with a limited-edition dish to celebrate the Glorious Twelfth. Created by Head Chef Jonas Karlsson, this Nordic-inspired dish will spotlight roasted Yorkshire grouse and a grouse liver parfait, accompanied by buttery savoy cabbage and a sweet liquorice jus. This game-changing dish is one not to be missed!

The Cinnamon Club, Westminster

Acclaimed chef, Vivek Singh, looks to the ancient hunting traditions of India’s history to shape his delicious game dishes each year. Marrying the flavours of the subcontinent with resolutely British game, The Cinnamon Club will be serving a special dish of delicately spiced clove smoked grouse breast, chickpea bread, hot-sweet pumpkin and game keema, served with creamy black lentils (£38) this August. Celebrate the start of the glorious shooting season with a perfectly spiced dish that packs a punch, as you dine amongst the book-lined shelves at The Cinnamon Club.

Fenchurch at Sky Garden, The City

Showcasing his gastronomic flair for game, Head Chef Michael Carr, known for delivering modern British dishes driven by flavour, experimentation and seasonal ingredients at award-winning restaurant Fenchurch at Sky Garden, is serving two contemporary dishes championing British game. Diners can enjoy guinea fowl, stuffed Roscoff onion, celeriac and brown sauce (£44), or Sladesdown duck, a Cornish red gem ‘taco’ and white peach (£46) against panoramic skyline views in one of London’s most iconic venues.

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