Foods You Should Never Eat If You Don’t Want To Put Health At Risk


Coffee is a tremendously widespread beverage in many parts of the world (including the entire West) and with a large number of proven benefits for human health. However, the healthy habit of consuming this food daily can be clouded by adding certain additives.

For example, it is common for people to drink their coffee with products such as cream, cream or large amounts of sugar that add, day by day, to frequent and excessive consumption of calories, which can lead to obesity and all health problems. health related.

For all these reasons, these are some ingredients that you should avoid in your coffee.

Artificial sweeteners
Many artificial sweeteners may seem like a healthy option to cut down on the high calorie count we discussed earlier. However, and as an article published by Harvard Health reflects , these products are not without consequences.

In particular, the authors argue that consumers of this type of sweetener have a greater tendency to end up consuming foods with artificial flavors and poorer nutritional quality , as well as to increase their intake of other sugary foods. Therefore, they say, they can represent a risk to people’s health, especially if they already suffer from conditions such as pathological obesity.

Flavored coffee cream
These products, typical especially in North America, but increasingly common also in Europe, not only contain large amounts of sugar (no less than five grams per tablespoon) but also have additives such as palm oil (which increases cholesterol levels ).

Precisely, in some of the large franchises of American origin, syrups are also common to add to coffees , something that, on the other hand, has little domestic use in Spain.

A pitcher prepared with an infusion. infusions
The big problem with this component is its very high sugar content. For example, some of them, in the doses typically used in these establishments, can raise the sugar content of a coffee with milk from around five grams to almost 60 grams. To get an idea, the WHO recommends a maximum intake of about 25 grams of sugar per day for adults.

Condensed milk
The popular bonbon coffee, as well as other recipes such as the Canarian barraquito coffee, is characterized by being sweetened with condensed milk . Although many find it delicious, it is something that is not convenient to consume too often.

This is because with condensed milk it is very easy to exceed without even realizing the recommended daily amounts of sugar. In fact, only two tablespoons of this sweet ingredient already contain that recommended intake, with almost 25 grams.

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