New study reveals the cheapest cities in Europe to go on a date


Springtime is the perfect opportunity for lovebirds to go on a date, but with rising inflation, many are affected by the cost of living. Despite this, couples still find ways to go on a date, even if they may be wincing at their bank statement the following morning!

But dates don’t need to break the bank. Looking at 61 cities across Europe, greeting card marketplace has set out to find the cheapest, and most expensive, cities to go on a date. Included in the date is a meal for two, a glass wine, cost of a beer, two cinema tickets and the average taxi price.

Cheapest cities

Looking at the data, the top ten cheapest cities to go on a date, are:

  1. Krakow, Poland – €54.30
  2. Budapest, Hungary – €61.30
  3. Prague, Czech Republic – €66.70
  4. Lisbon, Portugal – €67.20
  5. Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, Spain – €68.40
  6. Seville, Spain – €68.80
  7. Valencia, Spain – €70.70
  8. Thessaloniki, Greece – €73
  9. Athens, Greece – €78.90
  10. Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom – €81.50

Claiming the top spot as the cheapest city to go on a date is Krakow in Poland, where the average cost of a date will take roughly €54.30 out of your bank account. Not bad for a perfect night out! In second comes many people’s favourite city, Budapest in Hungary. This majestic city is relatively cheap for lovebirds looking for a date night, with the price of a date costing you €61.30. Taking third place is the city of a Hundred Spires, Prague in the Czech Republic. This historical city has a lot to offer for couples wishing to explore, and the average date ends at around €66.70.

Britain can only claim a single spot amongst the top ten, ending in 10th place with Kingston upon Hull, where the average cost of a date is €81.50. Spain can pride itself with three spots among the top ten and taking 4th place is Lisbon – the coastal capital city of Portugal.

Most expensive cities

On the other end of the scale are the most expensive cities to bring your partner on a date in Europe, which are as follows:

  1. Lausanne, Switzerland – €196.30
  2. Zurich, Switzerland – €192.7 0
  3. Geneva, Switzerland – €181
  4. Oslo, Norway – €161.50
  5. Copenhagen, Denmark – €158.20
  6. Reykjavik, Iceland – €157
  7. Bergen, Norway – €142.10
  8. Helsinki, Finland – €141.10
  9. London, United Kingdom – €135.60
  10. Stockholm, Sweden – €129.70
  11. Brighton, United Kingdom – €128.70

All the Nordic countries are among the top 10, but it is Switzerland who tops the list with Lausanne, where the total cost of a date ends at €196.30, €143 more expensive than Krakow! London in the United Kingdom is among the most expensive cities, too, with the average price of a date totalling €135.60, that’s €54.10 more than Kingston upon Hull.

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson at comments: “Knowing that spring and warmer weather is upon us, we wanted to find the cheapest cities in Europe to go on a date. If couples are planning a holiday this year, this might help them decide where to go!”

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