Survival Quiz City Kicks Off Free Weekend Thursday, April 28


Survival Quiz City, the trivia platformer battle royale from developer GYAAR Studios of BANDAI NAMCO and publisher Phoenixx, kicks off a free weekend starting Thursday, April 28 at 10:00 AM PDT. Everyone can download the game and play public matches, custom quizzes, and unlock permanent cosmetics, with an 20% discount for those who want to keep playing when the free weekend ends on May 2 at 10:00 AM PDT.

Join a 30-player free-for-all run by the suspicious overlords of the Necoo Corporation in a futuristic city. As a dinosaur-like Gyaar, answer a quiz question to determine the fate for the round: become a weapon-wielding winner, pelting the losers as they scamper through an obstacle course before time runs out.

Earn coins from hitting opponents or by collecting them on the obstacle course and reaching the finish line. Buy powerups to increase stats and get more drip. Be the last contender standing in Survival, or the richest Gyaar remaining after four rounds in Bounty Hunter mode. Quality of life improvements since launch include rebalanced weapons and new servers around the world for improved performance.

Survival Quiz City is available now on Steam for Windows PC with support for English and Japanese for $19.99, and a 20% discount during the Free Weekend. For more information, visit the Survival Quiz CITY Steam page, Survival Quiz CITY Discord Server, the Phoenixx official website and follow @Phoenixx_inc on Twitter.


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