Treatment Eva Mendes Follows To Rejuvenate Her Skin


The 46-year-old actress Eva Mendes has recently surprised her followers with a photograph, published on her Instagram account (and which she later deleted), illustrating the treatment she undergoes to rejuvenate her skin and that she herself has compared to a “torture” (despite this, he refers to the clinic in which he receives it as “his happy place”.

What is the ‘mono-thread’
The treatment in question is called mono-thread (mono threads or Mono filament PDO threads) and aims to eliminate wrinkles and keep the skin glowing. To do this, these ‘threads’ are inserted into the subdermal layer to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin of the face and neck. This results in a gradual thickening and stretching of the skin.

It is a cheaper and less invasive procedure than other techniques such as ‘lifting’, although its effects last only around a year , since the filaments eventually dissolve.

However, the treatment has significant contraindications and possible complications. For example, in people who have difficulties to heal skin wounds, who suffer from autoimmune diseases or who have a tendency to form visible scars, it is possible that rejections (and therefore wounds, scars and even infections) of the threads and visible scarring appear. Also, certain people are allergic to fibers.

In the same way, it is essential that the treatment is carried out by a qualified person and in optimal hygiene conditions, since otherwise, even in people without risk factors, infections or scars may appear.

Finally, it should be noted that Mendes’ comparison of treatment with ‘torture’ refers more to the visual aspect of the treatment than to the pain it causes. Although it can cause some minor discomfort by itself, in the vast majority of cases it is performed with an anesthetic lesion and the patient does not usually notice much.

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