Satse Calls For Early Childhood Education Centers In Health Centers To Promote Conciliation


The Nursing Union (Satse) has called on the Health Ministries to promote the progressive and generalized implementation of early childhood education centers in health centers with the aim of facilitating the conciliation of work, family and personal life of nurses, nurses , physiotherapists and all health professionals, in addition to promoting effective equality between women and men.

Satse emphasizes that reconciling personal, family and work life is a right of citizenship and a fundamental condition to guarantee equality between women and men, by being able to maintain a full professional career and, at the same time, exercise the right to care for their family, so all public administrations must promote the responsible achievement of this right.

In this sense, the trade union organization highlights the need to promote the creation of early childhood education centers for boys and girls between 0 and 3 years old in health centers, in order to effectively facilitate the conciliation of their professionals, who, at any time but especially in times of pandemic, have many difficulties to reconcile their work and personal life.

Satse recalls that health professionals of age to be mothers and fathers are practically 50 percent of the total, according to the latest statistics of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) of 2020, all of them being subjected to “especially painful” working conditions Because they work shifts, nights and holidays, and with extended hours, Satse denounces. For this reason, he adds, the traditional offer of educational centers in this age group does not meet their specific needs.

Likewise, the union points out that, in the case of Nursing and Physiotherapy, and taking into account the high percentage of women that comprise it (about 85%), it is the only feasible way to promote breastfeeding effectively, since facilitates presence, as the infant is in the same work environment.

Specifically, the union demands that those responsible for the different health ministries promote a plan for the progressive implementation of this educational resource that, in addition to being free, must remain open at least from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Monday to Friday . In the same way, these nurseries must have a dining room service and have an educational activity.

Satse emphasizes that experiences have been developed in hospitals in Andalusia that have been clearly positive for the professionals benefited, so they should be transferred to the rest of the health centers in all the autonomous communities.

“We must promote measures that, such as the creation of early childhood education centers in hospitals and other health centers, promote balanced participation between women and men in family and professional life and ultimately guarantee equal opportunities in employment. , modifying, in addition, traditional roles and stereotypes “, they conclude from the union organization.

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