Hawkers Brings Italian Cutting-Edge Technology To Elche In Spain


The Hawkers company, which opened its first factory in Spain in February in the Alicante town of Elche, is committed to local production and sustainability to manufacture sunglasses combining experience and the latest cutting-edge Italian technology with production knowledge and engineering that, by tradition, the Elche region possesses.

The technical director of the Hawkers Factory project, Claudio Scagni, has indicated that the company “wants to bet on local production and take advantage of the ‘know-how’ of a city with an industrial tradition like Elche, where there are people with great experience in work in production lines “.

In addition, he pointed out that with the implementation of this factory Hawkers “looks to the future and is committed to a production model based on sustainability thanks to the reduction of aerosols, the use of ecological materials with biodegradable bases and the recycling of 100% of the raw material”.

This strategic move represents a definitive step for the consolidation of Hawkers in the market, becoming part of the exclusive group of pioneering companies in Spain that have opted for vertical integration, according to the company, which has indicated that, carrying out all the process of design, production and distribution of its products, it manages to eliminate intermediaries and, therefore, a higher final quality of the product and efficiency in manufacturing costs.

Scagni has affirmed that, with the opening of the new factory, Hawkers has broken the barrier of 600 direct employees and explains that one of the great innovations of the production system is that it allows to recycle 100% of the material used and achieve a Zero waste in the frame manufacturing process.

“This happens thanks to the use of the latest Italian state-of-the-art technology that recovers the excess material from each manufactured unit; this material will later represent between 10% and 15% of each new glasses,” he emphasizes.

Raw, the first collection of Hawkers Made in Spain, will be made up of the brand’s most iconic models: One, One LS and Warwick, which, since they are glasses that do not carry polishing or lacquering processes, the final product that reaches the customer it is “absolutely” true to the original sketch created by the designer.

The state-of-the-art technology implemented in the factory, and a world pioneer in the optical sector, allows the replacement of aerosol lacquering processes with photo-incision, electro-corrosion, super-polishing and laser technology, to achieve finishes in glasses such as Carbon effect that is very new in the market and is achieved with laser technology.

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