Remote Working has saved UK employees over 8 billion hours of free time 


New data by leading job site, RemoteWorker identified how remote working has saved UK employees over 8 billion hours of free time in the last 12 months as home and hybrid workers top 20 million across the country. Along with saving time and money by not commuting the environmental impact of so many of us working from home is huge with over 12 billion fewer journeys to the workplace over the last year.

A recent employee survey by the leading remote working job site also identified that 96% of all workers, said that working from home full or part-time was one of the most positive parts of their job so the trend for home working isn’t expected to change anytime soon. With average commutes historically taking an average of 40 minutes, this should mean over an hour of additional free leisure time for employees but for many this has meant extending the working day and often adding more value to those employers who offer hybrid working roles. 

RemoteWorker provides an all-encompassing remote working careers solution and offers thousands of job seekers access to the widest range of working-from-home opportunities across the UK and internationally. The leading job site processes thousands of jobs and offers the latest cutting-edge technology to give job seekers the best solution to escape the workplace and become location-independent.

Joe Boll, CEO at RemoteWorker, commented, “We believe every employee should have the choice to work independently from an office or workplace if possible. This is why we use the most cutting-edge tech to make it easy for anyone to find a new remote working role. 

This new data shows how hybrid and remote working not only benefits employees and employers with additional free time and extending the working day but it has also had a huge impact on the environment with billions of unnecessary journeys avoided each year as millions have become location-independent.”

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