What are the benefits of illuminated business signs?


When you run a business, you want to make sure that you get it seen. There are many complex and costly ways to do this, but one of the most important and effective measures is to look at the kind of signage that you use.

This difference that illuminated business signs can make is huge in ensuring that your brand is always visible and stands out from the crowd.

What are illuminated business signs?

Your sign is one of the first aspects of your business that people will see, so a lot of thought needs to go into it. Illuminated signage is now becoming increasingly popular as it begins to move away from the traditional electrified neon tubes that we could all hear buzzing away.

These days, neon is rarely used, as most modern illuminated signage now relies on light emitting diodes (LEDs) which are not only more energy efficient but also come in a range of bright and interesting colours. So, what are the advantages of exchanging your flat signage for something that shines brightly?


Every business wants to be seen, and this is exactly what your signage is supposed to help with. It needs to show people where your business is, or even alert people to its presence for the first time. It is designed to give a first impression, attract the right customers and get you noticed, which is something that illuminated signs are brilliant at doing.

We can all see that something bright is going to stand out, and this is particularly true for any business that operate past 5pm in the UK. During the winter months, we will be shrouded in darkness at this time, so an illuminated sign can be very useful, even for those businesses which do not see themselves as night owls. It is much easier to find an illuminated sign after it has gone dark or in inclement weather such as rain and fog that can impact on visibility, so you are maximising the number of times that your business will be seen.

Even if your business is closed after the sun sets, an illuminated sign can still be of value to you. By leaving it on even when the business is closed, passers by will still be able to notice it and become aware of the fact that you exist. It can very soon become an effective form of 24 hour advertising for a very low cost.

Whilst illuminated signs are great in the dark, they still have their uses in the peak of the summer sun. Signage is about standing out from the competition, and an illuminated sign will help you to do this no matter where you are what the surroundings look like.

Safety and security

Illuminated signage can be useful in helping with the security of your business. With it glowing at all hours of the day and night, it can deter potential thieves who will not be sure whether anyone is still in the business, whether cameras are working and will be aware that they are far more lit up and exposed that they would like to be.

Illuminated signs are typically found on the outside of a business, but they can also play a part inside the business too. It is really important for safety signs and wayfinding signs, which is vital in the case of emergency.


An illuminated sign can be a very sophisticated feature, which helps greatly with the first impressions of your business. It can make the business seem more upmarket than many of your competitors and can help to elevate your branding. As LEDs are small and versatile, they can be used in a number of different ways so you can tailor how your illumination appears. It might be through the use of backlighting, or by highlighting letters of logos if you do not want the whole sign to be lit up.

LEDs also offer long lasting life, which avoids the sight of a missing or broken bulb in the middle of a display, which can quickly make a brand look cheap and uncared for, and can put potential customers off.

Energy efficiency

With all sorts of costs rising, you might be worried that an illuminated sign could add to your bills, but it is actually incredibly energy efficient. As LED bulbs do not get too hot when they are on, they waste very little energy and therefore use a fraction of the usual energy consumption. This not only helps your budget, but is also environmentally friendly. In addition to this, LED lights are completely recyclable, so you do not have to worry about creating hazardous or non-recyclable waste as a result of your sign.


Illuminated signs are also a great way to create an atmosphere within your business. Whether you want to shed light on a dark corner or set a certain vibe, their versatile range of colours and designs can help to define the ambience of your business, and can directly impact on what you want your customers to feel. It can add depth and mood, so it can be very important.


Illuminated signs are suitable for any type of business as they can be used both indoors and outside and can be styled in any way you choose. Typically, they might be associated with retail stores, restaurants or bars, but they are equally as effective on office buildings or even new housing developments. They are great for full advertising hoardings or as exhibition graphics in museums or at trade events and can also be put to good use on stadiums and hotels to name just a few.

Illuminated signs can be just about anything that you want them to be these days, and are suitable for a whole range of businesses. By working with a signage provider, you can create a style and design that fits in with your business and its branding perfectly. Whether you want an ‘in your face’ sign or something subtle and sophisticated, illumination will light up your business.

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