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In today’s time, we expect things to happen in the comfort of our home and to find everything by clicking some keys and buttons. Well, WordPress is one such application that allows us to create websites. You must be thinking we need to learn and understand how to code to launch a website. Well, I don’t think that’s necessary. 

With WordPress, you can create your websites without having to know how to write code. The application allows you to attach, remove and add the commands, options, keys, and buttons you want your website to have. The application does the coding.

WordPress has a variety of features like website themes, plugins, pages, and so on. 4Hub tells you more about WordPress. When one decides to start a website on WordPress, one must know what plugins are, what they are used for, and the best/preferred/popular plugins to use to reach the audience that you are looking for.

What Are Plugins?

Plugins are the functional tabs or keys that you insert on your website to perform the functions that you want it to perform. For example, you install different types of plugins for the website to work. Let’s say you want to add daily blogs to your website. You can install a blog plugin that helps you to add daily blogs to your website. 

There are more than 55k plugins available for free installation that you could use to enhance your website. One such useful plugins are the social media plugins that enhance the traffic to your website using your social media platforms. These plugins might have multiple functions like sharing of posts, giving social analytics, etc.

I will tell you the top 5 plugins used to increase your social media profile traffic. For a website to have enough page views, a social media profile plays an important role. If we look at google analytics, there is a separate section for social media. And for beginners, it’s imperative to have an excellent yet efficient plugin to manage the flow to your website using social media platforms.

Before we go to the top 5 plugins, let us understand what we are looking for. The main goal of a plugin is to be practical and useful to the maximum level possible. But being realistic doesn’t mean having too many features. Beginners have to look at performance rate and loading time rate.

There must be a balanced maintained for the plugin to give you the maximum results. Also, do look for the ones that consume less space as well as is time adequate. For example, automatically post your posts on social media according to your timing and liking.

  1. Social Website

Social Website is a free plugin for social media. This tool is best used for its efficiency in social media marketing. It has incredible features like Auto post, scheduled posts, management, publishing, and customisation of posts/contents. 

This tool also gives you social media analytics for you to analyze and track your events. 

This is the best tool for website users as you’re getting all these features for free.

  1. WordPress To Buffer 

Buffer, a popular social media plugin that allows a user to schedule the posts across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This makes it more comfortable as well automatically uploads new posts/content to your buffer account, further making it possible to share on social media.

  1. Blog2Social

A blog2Social plugin is a tool used for posting blogs on social media platforms. We can auto-schedule posts for the plugin to post blogs/content on the scheduled time, which saves time and effort. We can customise the position and enter the time for the position to go on our social media platforms.

  1. Social pug 

The social pug plugin developed by the team of DevOps is a plugin that helps you build an email list, is lightweight, and has over 40,000 active installations. The icons on this plugin have a modern touch/design to them. It offers social share counts, which help the website admin to monitor his social media visitors as well as improve for better traffic.

  1. Revive Old Posts

Last but not least is the revive old posts, which is a well known and useful plugin that helps to guide the traffic for the older posts on the social media platform. 

This plugin helps you to automatically share your old posts by setting a time, schedule for the posts to be automatically uploaded.


We might have discussed many social media plugins and might end up using any one or might use a handful of them to improve performance. But remember, the version comes only if we can handle the features and if we are not able to understand or feel it is complicated better to go with more straightforward and necessary plugins and familiarise ourselves with their functions. 

Efficiency will improve only if they can understand their roles and use them to the maximum extent possible without having to compromise with space and upload speed.

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