Top 5 Weekend treks from Bangalore


Bangalore, often referred to as the Silicon valley of India, is a home to uncountable tech startups and engineers with the most hectic schedule and no time for personal care. The race of life is so cut throat that one can hardly spare time for a long vacation and enjoy. So the people around rather choose to take small breaks and crash some easy yet enjoyable weekend getaways. 

Since trekking nowadays is gaining a lot of limelight, a huge crowd turn around to opt for it and add some thrills to their life while enjoying the beauty of nature and relaxing. These treks are often a very best way to feel yourself near nature. What better can one ask for a weekend getaway?

Obviously there can be nothing better, so here are some of the best weekend getaway treks near Bangalore that will refresh your soul and mind.

  1. Kudremukh trek

This is one of the most beautiful trekking places near Bangalore with a great popularity. This trek starts on Friday night at around 9 pm and ends on Saturday. So things go perfect with the corporate schedule and you can get a good relax on Sunday.

The place is located at a distance of 96kms from the Chikmagalur district. This is the  third highest peak of Karnataka at the altitude of 6,207ft. above the sea level and one can get the abundance of freshness of nature during the trek.

This amazing trek trail takes one through forest and grasslands. Chase the streams throughout the trek and get some of the most mesmerising views of nature. 

If one manages good with the trek and can spare some time then Somvati falls is a must visit place while doing this trek.

This short trek is a complete package of everything. Enjoy the beauty and freshness of greens during the day and camping and bonfire under the star studded sky during  night.

  1. Sikandgiri trek

This is one of the most popular night treks around Bangalore for a reason. This very short trek takes you through some of the best scenes you have adored. The trek shows the other level of eternal beauty of the night sky, shining more than an Indian household on diwalis! 

The glazing starts studded densely all over on a black background of clouds is something that will make your heart go ponder and the beautiful sunrise will fill your heart with joy and gives a sense of unmatched freshness. 

Located at an elevation of 1450 m above the sea level, Sikandgiri is a moderately difficult 8km (to and fro) trek trail. This is one of the most recommended night treks near Bangalore that can fill your bag of memories with thrills and adventures.

  1. Kodachadri trek 

Located at an altitude of 1,343 m above sea level, Kodachadri is said to be the 10th highest peak in Shimoga. The trek trail is an easy to moderate 11km ( both ways) route through thick tropical rainforests, the lush meadows, a number of waterfalls, cliffs and steeps. All this obviously gives one the most eye-catching beauty of nature and thrills of the trek. 

The trek opens up to a huge variety of flora and fauna, grasslands and other gems of nature accompanied by some of the most beautiful sunsets witnessed during the trek trail. One can also get the clear view of the magnificent Nagara Fort and mesmerising and blooming western ghats. 

The place is said to be a perfect mix of natural beauty and historic significance and is an easy 2 day weekend getaway from Bangalore.

  1. Uttari betta 

This 2 day and 1 night trek trail is yet another awesome sunrise trek near Bangalore. The trek takes one across some of the most beautiful magic and architecture of nature. The place has some of the breathing views and most picture perfect places decorated by nature. 

One comes across the most beautiful view of grasslands from the top. The place also has some amazingly set natural caves that will surely remind you of clicking a huge bunch of photos. 

The trek trail offers a huge species of flora and fauna and some sparkling waterfalls. So if you want to feel yourself in the laps of nature, Uttari betta is the best trekking spot near Bangalore. 

  1. Channagiri Trek

This small hill located about 55 kms from Bangalore is not only the best weekend trek but also one of the best treks in Karnataka. The 2 hour trek gets one to the most amazing view of Nandi hills. This is one short yet challenging trek that can give one the sense of complete adventure and unmatched thrills. 

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