7 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Use Today


Today, social media has become a major corporation for companies to communicate with their customers and sell more. Not surprisingly, social media marketing works so well, as according to the Global State of Digital 2019 report, 52% of the world’s population use these platforms.

However, you should know that it is not enough to be present on social media and publish certain content. For marketing efforts to be effective, you need to have a plan and a variety of strategies that allow you to achieve your goal. Here are some of the best things you can do now:

1. Live video

Videos are the most common type of content on social media. Among the various types of videos published in these forums, live ones are among the most popular. And it will continue for a long time, as according to the Cisco company, by 2022 live videos will be 15 times popular. This content is used to create new releases, communicate with the audience by answering questions, etc.

2. News

One of the most effective Social Media Marketing strategies is the use of news, either on Instagram or Facebook. This is the perfect type of content to connect with the audience, which can also be in photos, videos, gifs, etc. It is interesting because it is short and attractive, and many users love it.

3. User Produced Content

What is known in English as User Produced Content, is about photos, videos, reviews, tweets, and posts that talk about the product and are created in an unusual way, and gradually, automatically, by the consumers themselves and not the brands. , or paid for it. The strategy is simple: users make these posts and products and take care to find them in order to resubmit them to their basics. Thus, the consumer feels recognized by the brand, while the company generates trust from other customers.


Chatbots are digital tools that allow brands to communicate with their audience at all times, and solve problems without human intervention. These are perfect for improving customer service and making them feel more comfortable.

5. A / B testing

A / B testing is one of the social media marketing strategies you can use now. It is a research tool that consists of examining two types of ads to determine which audience they are most interested in. By mediating the results you will be able to know which option is most effective to achieve your goal.

6.Tournaments or sweepstakes

Competitions or sweepstakes on social media are very helpful strategies for mobilizing the community, especially if your product is just starting out or is still growing. Sometimes this type of strategy can irritate the audience, but if you keep it simple and appealing it can be very beneficial. The important thing is that the user does not have to invest a lot of time to meet the requirements of the competition or sweepstakes.

7.Content depends on the platform

In the social media market, it is important to create effective and useful content for viewers. But it should be noted that not all active content is the same in all social networks. Therefore, we recommend that you create content prepared for the forum where you want to share. The key is to adapt the message to help generate engagement for each network according to its parameters.

These social media marketing strategies allow companies to personalize their products, connect with their audience and provide an effective and personalized service. So, if you want to position your business, win more customers and sell more, these strategies will be very helpful. If you want to connect your business in a smart way

Currently, the number of people using social media in conjunction is very common. In line with that, individuals and businesses are also beginning to promote simultaneously in many programs.

This method helps the product quickly reach the number of customers you want. At the same time access a lot from different sources to get a lot of interesting audiences.

On Facebook and Instagram, existing users can sync to be posted automatically. That is, once installed, any article when submitted to the app will be distributed in the same way.

This method of downloading Instagram and Facebook video sync is highly appreciated. In addition to saving time, it also helps to check the amount of simultaneous interaction in both applications. To install do the following.

Select the account settings and the Facebook account category section. Enter the account details you want to link to.

Once completed the Instagram account will connect to your timeline on Facebook.

When you are done, you can transfer from IGTV to Facebook using your computer. To do this, you just need to visit your personal page on IGTV. Select “Upload” and then press the “+” icon to download the existing video in the library.

Once you have finished editing and sharing you can also choose to share on Facebook page. With the initial launch, you will receive a notification from IGTV. Now just connect to the account you want to share.


Instagram always gives users a series of attractive features. To do the right thing with the simultaneous sharing feature on Facebook, we present to you the above methods. I hope you can use the most flexible method to download Instagram videos. Let’s start communicating now as soon as possible. I wish you the best of luck.

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