Best Genealogy Software to Set Up Your Family Tree


The most effective software for genealogy makes it easy to track your ancestors and develop and maintain your tree of family.

The process of finding your roots used to be an extremely taxing task. If you were interested in doing so, you had to be prepared to spend your days, months, or even years going through registers archived in temperature-controlled rooms.

Thanks to the rapid growth of the Internet over the past decade or so, many possibilities have become available to the world. This includes the capability to research your ancestry more conveniently and in a relaxed manner. It is now possible to do this wherever and whenever you want. If you’re using personal computers or mobile devices to find out who is famously associated with you is never easier.

Genealogy software allows you to perform a variety of tasks also. You can, for instance, create your family tree, and then record important details regarding your relatives. This includes dates, dates, locations relations, locations, and more. It is also possible to keep track of the sources you have used for your research and connect these to the family tree you’ve made. You can maintain multiple databases to keep track of your family trees. You can also print your family charts and ancestral tree or electronically make them available to other people.

In addition, you can save photos, along with audio and video recordings and scanned documents that relate to your relatives. It also includes an option to backup your data, which means you can ensure that your data is safe as it aids in providing suggestions regarding how and where to look. You can also transfer your data from one genealogy software to another.

There are a variety of apps available online to help you track the roots of your family. To navigate through the multitude of options to choose the most suitable one to meet your needs could be a challenge. To make it easier for you, we’ve reviewed the various options and came out with our top 5 options for you to pick from.

Here are the top tools for genealogy that you can look at.

We’ve also highlighted some of the most effective search engine services for people along with search engines.

1. Family Tree Maker

FTM or Family Tree Maker is the most well-known and well-known genealogy software. Family tree maker 2021 is expected as the latest version of the software. It’s been in use for some time and is a very robust tool. It is believed to be an excellent tool for almost everything, offering all the features you would expect from a genealogy application.

The most recent version comes with FamilySync, a unique feature that allows for automatic sync of up to three trees belonging to the family. This feature is handy in situations where relatives update the same tree that you are, and they will display everything added on your tree, and the reverse is also true.

It also allows you to assign the colour of a particular shade as a code to specific ancestral relatives. With up to eight colours you can utilize, you’ll be able to track your research and keep track of updates. The application also includes an in-built, lightweight editor for images, and photo editing is easy and possible within the application itself.

The program also can connect to the Ancestry website and recently connected to It is possible to download information from them directly into the family tree you have. They are among the biggest genealogy websites online and have millions of data accessible. This advantage certainly makes the FTM application well worth every cent. It’s also among the few applications available which allow you to add same-sex marriages to your genealogy. If you feel stuck or confused in your research, it provides helpful suggestions for getting more information. All you require is a reliable Internet connection.

Some disadvantages exist, however. One is the small number of available reports and charts, and it cannot compete with Legacy 9 when it comes to charts. Another factor is that Family Tree Maker is now under a different firm that has made numerous changes to the new version without considering older versions.

For compatibility, it’s an excellent option that it works with Windows 7.0 and up in addition to MacOS 10.9 and above. It is priced a little more than other programs available; however, most people believe it is worth the cost.

Since the software has been in operation for quite some period, it has many users. This translates into a large amount of support online that can be of great assistance for those new to the program. The site itself provides an online guide at no cost to help you get acquainted with the functions of the software. It is then supported with online videos, tips, tutorials, instructions, and other information for the use of the application. Certain information may be out of date, but it’s undergone due to the numerous changes.

It doesn’t offer trial-free trials, however.

2. Legacy Family Tree

Many people consider Legacy Family Tree the most effective genealogy software available today. The program is loaded with all the features you’d need and would expect, plus many additional.

One of the features that stands out lets you examine two individuals. This can be very useful when looking at two records with identical names, and it is possible to examine them to confirm that they’re an identical person. The program lets you compare both documents side-by-side and is much more readable than having to switch between the two records.

It also provides the most extensive reports and charts among the various genealogy software programs available. They typically are also more attractive than other programs. There are a variety of options for printing the report. Apart from printing your report, you can automate the conversion of your family tree into an online page using Legacy’s integrated support. The built-in browser lets you take a peek at websites online. There’s no need to switch between windows and back.

It also allows you to colour code and utilize nine tags to organize your family history easily. The program comes with an online backup system that helps ensure your data is safe. The most recent version also has the latest X-DNA chart integrated into it to help track the inheritance of genes.

Legacy’s Legacy website isn’t quite as appealing as its competitors, and it is not easy to navigate. There is, however, plenty of support online via forums and their own Help Center. It was developed for use on Windows, but you can get instructions on its website about utilizing an emulator to run on Mac. The website also offers a variety of instructional programs and videos, troubleshooting tips, user forums, and suggestions for things that you think could be improved the product.

Legacy 9 works with many helpful websites, including FamilySearch, Find A Grave, and GenealogyBank, to mention a few. The program searches for your ancestors’ information on these websites and advises the best places to look for more information.

It is available now in two variations. The free Standard version allows you to experience all that Legacy can offer. However, to take advantage of all the features, you’ll need to sign up for the Deluxe version for a fee.

3. Family Historian

Although it’s less popular than the other two applications, Family Historian is still a valuable tool for your genealogy research.

The most important benefit is its user-friendly nature. You can start using it immediately without reading any manuals or tutorials. The process of adding information to the application is simple. The main screen in the application features an ancestry graph and the details box, in which you can enter information regarding the particular person. You can glance at the larger picture while working on the specifics. Its intelligent tree option lets users expand or collapse the different branches of the tree depending on your requirements. The screen doesn’t have to be filled with the remaining parts of the branches if you’re working on just a tiny area.

Family trees can be seen side-by-side and allow you to examine them before merging them. The program also comes with an instrument for mapping, which means you can colour codes, zoom in or out, and take an overview of activities that occurred within the specific location. Sharing your genealogy with your family and friends, or with anyone else is also simple, either electronically or via printing. They’ve doubled the amount of charts FTM offers.

Unfortunately, the Family Historian’s charts don’t have backgrounds, making them appear dull. Additionally, they don’t analyze DNA results as of now. Family Historian 7 is compatible with Windows Vista and seven and above. The site is full of instructions and guides; however, the support community is not as extensive as its rivals. Additionally, the producer is a British company, and that’s why it’s more useful for those searching to find their origins in the UK.

It is connected to those databases, Findmypast, as well as MyHeritage. It is possible to find details about your ancestors’ lives through these websites and add the information automatically for your genealogy. It is available in a 30-day trial version at no cost, which means you can check it out before you purchase.

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