Innovative software and technology pioneers, Rdentify launch brand NEW technology


New Rdentify software has been designed to detect vulnerability sentiment and allow for more responsible gambling. Plus the company have just added turnkey gaming solutions provider, Mobinc to their list of clients. 

Rdentify propelled their way onto the scene by bringing about a solution which utilises natural language processing to identify the signs of vulnerable customers in real time during live chat and email correspondence. 

In essence this enables gambling firms to safeguard potential customers that are vulnerable and immediately protect them, as well as the reputation of their firm. 

Daniel Brookes, CEO and Founder of Rdentify commented: “Having worked within the E-gaming and technology sectors for several years, I spotted a gap in the market, whereby businesses could deploy improved technology compliance and safeguarding systems to protect their business. Therefore Rdentify was born out of the need to shield vulnerable consumers.”

In fact, The Gambling Commission started to make marked changes within the industry in 2018, stating, “Overall the companies can do a lot more to demonstrate they care about consumers and want to treat them right and keep them safe.” Rdentify champions this sentiment, acting as an additional safeguard for consumers and a way for businesses to treat their customers well. The Gambling Commission added, “We want to use our powers to hopefully drive a culture where operators’ compliance is set right from the start and which innovates to protect consumers, plus drive profits.”

Daniel added: “Rdentify can make a huge difference to the lives of many customers. After all, we’ve all experienced difficult times, particularly during the last year, therefore we’d hope that businesses selling us products such as online gambling have ways to monitor vulnerability, so we don’t make catastrophic mistakes. 

“It’s been a technological breakthrough and milestone to get to where we are today. It’s also testament to the speed we have gained new clients as to just how much our software can assist businesses and protect their customers.”

Gambling firms’ importance on consumer welfare is often called into question and has been widely reported. All too often the signs of vulnerability are missed for numerous reasons and therefore are diluted. For businesses this can lead to regulatory issues, reputational damage and potentially fake claims. 

Turnkey gaming solutions provider, Mobinc have partnered with Rdentify to avoid just that. They have already integrated the technology bringing about advanced customer risk analysis software, protection to players and avoidance of financial penalties. 

Sergei Belikov, Compliance Director at Mobile Incorporated said: “ is looking to redefine the online casino experience by investing heavily in a technology first approach, and Rdentify’s  innovative solution perfectly complements this strategy. We are very excited about this new partnership with Rdentify, as we work together to help protect our customers’.

The additional customer oversight that the new Rdentify technology delivers, helps ensure that we’re better managing our Customers’ and quickly identifying those that might be showing signs of risk. Rdentify integrated seamlessly with our existing live chat and CRM set up, informing us in real time of any potential customer risk which is detected using an easy-to-understand RAG scoring status.”

Rdentify understands that vulnerable players often go undetected, which can lead to severe consequences for both the customer and the operator. Their goal is aligned with that of the Gambling Commission, which is to continue to minimise this and protect the most vulnerable. 

Daniel said: “This is revolutionary within the industry and we are continually adding new risk identification factors, as we strive for a safer gambling environment for consumers.” 

The Rdentify software is available now and the technology can be trialled free of charge  Here.

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